New Daiwa rollers out


Two new pole rollers from Daiwa have just been released into tackle shops.
Both have V-shaped roller heads made from a firm, yet soft, material. In the apex between the angled main rollers there is a unique double roller. This distributes the weight of your pole more evenly and offers more support.
The difference between the two rollers available is the tripods. With the more expensive Tournament model (pictured), all the telescopic legs are independently adjustable. This will come in really handy on awkward banks.
It also features a device which allows you to alter the angle of the head.
Daiwa’s TD Big V Double roller features an adjustable tripod, but you cannot spread the legs out. This makes it more suitable to commercial fisheries where the banks are flat.
The Team Daiwa Big V Double Roller sells for £49.99 and the Tournament Super V Double Pole Roller sells for £79.99.