New Abu feeder rod hits the spot


In 2003 Abu launched the original Suveran range of coarse rods on to the market, and they were perceived by those who used them as being among the best rods available at that time. But although they were generally well received it would be fair to say that they went underneath the radar of many match anglers.
Now, five years on, the Pure Fishing development team, in conjunction with consultant Roy Marlow ¬ a man whose tackle knowledge and experience has helped to produce much of the equipment we all use today ¬ are rightly proud to announce the launch of the new Team Abu Suveran rod range.
And mark my words, these rods will not go unnoticed by any serious match or pleasure angler.
They are simply brimming with modern technological specifications and packed with real innovation that works for the angler on the bank.
The first thing you notice when picking up the 10ft feeder rod is the very different feel that it has in the hand. The ergonomically-designed Duplon handle is slightly larger in circumference than a standard rod handle, and while it¹s not uncomfortable, it does take a few minutes to get accustomed to.
The handle also features a slightly raised area above the reel seat that sits neatly into the palm of the hand.
When you combine this with the rear finger grips and forward flattened thumb placement area, it provides you with a very solid casting/playing grip on the rod.
Using an ingenious, slightly angled reel seat on the rod handle serves two purposes.
First, it reduces the finger reach to the reel spool by 6mm, providing easy casting and front clutch adjustment. Second, it tilts the reel to aim straight at the butt guide, which gives an improved direct flow of line from the reel¹s spool on the cast.
The real beauty of this range is that the Team Abu Suveran rods have come as close as any I have seen to solving the old problem of being able to create a blank for feederfishing that contains plenty of casting power ¬ yet still retains a live sense of feel and transmission right through the rod while playing fish.
Trust me, you can play fish hard without ever having to worry about hook-pulls. In fact the action along the rod during battle is unlike that of any other rod I have tested, and works in three stages, best described as what I call Œtri-gressive¹.
At first, when a fish is hooked, it feels and looks a bit tippy. Then, as you start to wind in, it becomes mid-progressive. Finally, if you give the rod a bit of stick or hook up with a proper lump, the blank takes on a classic Avon-style curve.
Whichever way you choose to describe this multiple action, the rod is just awesome in both its energy transmission and fish-playing abilities.
Constructed from a
multi-directional IM6 high modulus pre-preg carbon fibre cloth, the three-piece minimal radial torque blank contains incredible energy transfer along its 10ft length, meaning the rod can be compressed very easily. And that, in turn, sends fluent casting power crisply through the blank.
The tip speed and recovery rate will sizzle out a feeder on the cast at an amazing speed, putting yards on every chuck you make. What¹s the secret?
Well, the incredible tip speed lies within the new spigot technology designed and used by Abu in the manufacture of the rod.
Furnished throughout with exclusive SS304 titanium guides, the middle joints feature double leg designs that help to prevent breakages, while the rod is finished off in a super tough matt enamel anti-scratch coating.
Believe me, this is no ordinary rod, and once you have used a Team Abu Suveran you will wonder how you ever managed without one.


Tech spec

Team Abu Suveran 862/1002 Feeder
Length: 10ft
Sections: 2 + 1
Handle: Tapered ergonomically-shaped cork and Duplon
Weight: 238g
Takes line: 2lb-6lb
Reel seat: Redesigned cork plus grip fit
Price: £110.99