Maver’s best-seller returns…

Britain's best selling pole of all time – the legendary Maver Jurassic Carp – is set to be relaunched next month.

The original Jurassic was unleashed on to the market back in April 1996, at the fishing exhibition at Birmingham’s NEC, where it stole the show as a ‘state of the art, unbreakable pole’ created using aerospace technology.

At the time Maver revealed the Jurassic was specifically designed to be shock resistant, due to the addition of a special new material called Wincore.

In just six short months over 3,500 Jurassic Carp’s were sold, and within three years the sales figures hit nearly 15,000 pieces, making it the UK’s best seller.

The Jurassic won numerous awards including Angling Times’ Pole of the Year, and Pole of the Century. It was also featured on numerous mainstream television programmes, and was used by Steve Gregory to break the British Match record in 1998.

In 1996 the 10.8m Jurassic sold for around three hundred quid and was supplied with just a single free top 3 kit and a pole bag. But the 2008 version looks set to be a very different proposition as Maver managing director Phil Briscoe exclusively revealed.

“Technology has moved forward substantially and we thought that the time was right for a relaunch. Back in 1996 the original Jurassic met a price point at the birth of modern commercial carp fishing.

“Many anglers invested in this pole to fish for carp only, and used their lighter, thinner walled poles or canals and rivers.

The new Jurassic meets all the requirements for modern day angling including commercial carp fishing, lakes, canals and rivers. It has a lower diameter than the original plus a much bigger spares package.

“And yes, 13 years later and the price remains the same at just £299 despite substantial increased labour costs,” said Phil.