Matchbox ‘S’ Class 3 System

Matchbox fans will be pleased to know that the hugely popular Pyramid system has now been superceded with the introduction of the ‘S’ class.

The ‘S’ Class 3 is the highlight of this new range and comes with two 30mm front drawers, one 50mm front drawer and a 50mm cross drawer.

This should provide ample space to house your small items of tackle, and there is plenty of room for pole rigs too.

Beneath the seat – which is available as both a flat cushion and a pole cushion – there are two winder trays which contain 28 x 18cm winders.

Should you require further winder space there is an insert tray which accommodates 28 winders and fits into the 60mm accessory tray provided with the box.

This has partitioned compartments to accommodate your items and space for a further 14 winders, which are supplied.

For storing your larger items such as reels and pole cups there is a large 100mm-deep fibreglass base.

The central frame design allows you to easily remove any of these additional trays without altering the height of the box, and the supplied carry lid allows you to carry the trays and base as a separate unit should you need to.

This makes it a lot easier for you to access the units once you are on the bank.
Other improvements from previous Matchbox designs include a new style of footplate which has a hinge-style mechanism but still locks in place securely, making it very sturdy. Matchbox has also changed the main frame where the leg is secured. It now leans forward slightly, which stops the box leg digging into your leg when fishing down the edge and sitting at an angle.

New features found on the ‘S’ range  include a spirit level underneath the lid to help get the box level, a pole strap for holding your pole at long lengths when using a spray bar, and a full set of six extendable legs.

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Price: £399.99