Match Record Broken At Larford

The fish were in a feeding mood for 2008 Maver Pairs and Pole Pairs on the 16th and 17th of August at Larford with the Arena lake producing the big bumper nets.
112kg taken by Adam Richards on the Saturday was the top weight with no less than four anglers catching over 90kg (200lb)!

On the Sunday the lake record was broken by Lee Thornton, Bag'em Matchbaits.

Lee commented on the catch; ‘Having drawn on the Arena pool on the Saturday and getting a right battering, I was praying for a draw there again on the Sunday as I felt that although I had got beat, I had worked out the winning method for the lake. After two hours on the first day I started to introduce casters which the fish went barmy for, however I still wasn’t feeding heavy enough and due to falling behind at the start I ended up fourth in the section with 90.150kg when I felt I could of won.

With some good drawing by my Bag’em partner Peter Goodman, I was drawn again on the Arena pool on the Sunday and spent an hour walking around buying peoples Casters from them!! I managed to amass 10 pints of Caster and 3 Pints of Hemp which I felt should be enough!!

Having started shallow for the first 5 minutes with only two small Rudd for my efforts. I came down the edge where I had been feeding caster from the start. Instantly I was into a carp and caught well for half an hour or so. It started to tail off which I felt was due to the depth of water I was fishing, I started at 2ft which due to the overnight heavy rain I felt was too shallow. Picking up my other rig set at 3 ∏ ft I was again catching. I fed a big handful of bait when I first hooked a carp and another handful when I laid my rig in. I fished to my right for the first half of the match and to my left for the second amassing approximately 130 fish for 133. 140kg or 292lb. 

I felt shattered by the end of the match but pleased that it had gone so well, I run out of bait with 5 minutes to go so I managed to spread my feed out well although I think I could of caught more with more bait!!

Rig was a 4x12 float, 0.22 straight through to a 14 hook with 16/20 hollow elastic.