Letters Page Quiz Answers

This week saw the launch of ‘The Weekly Quiz’ in Angling Times.


Many of you will have been searching frantically through the newspaper, internet and various books to try and find the correct answers.


But for the odd question that may still be puzzling you, here are all the answers to this week’s teasers.



Answers to the weekly quiz in the February 12 edition:


General Knowledge

1) River Lea, 2) Hayfield Lakes, 3) Bob James and Chris Yates, 4) Martin Bowler, 5) 10lb 6oz, 6) 4lb 1oz, 7) five Swan Drennan Loafer, 8) Bread, 9) Rayne Lodge, and 10) Pay Lakers


Fill In The Blanks:

1) 2nd Will Raison, and 1st Clive Wright

2) 3 Zagreb, Croatia, 1998, and 4 Hungary, Lake Velence, 2007

3) Mark Pollard is sponsored by Fox and Alan Scotthorne is sponsored by Shimano

4) Fifth Will Raison and sixth Des Shipp

5) BW Earlswood Lakes and Bradshaw Hall Fisheries


Who Have We Hidden?

1) Bob Nudd

2) Steve Ringer

3) Neil Machin

4) Mark Downes

5) John Raison

6) Clint Elliott


Is This True… Or False?

1) True, 2) False, 3) True, 4) False, 5) False, 6) False, 7) True, 8) True, 9) False, and 10) True. 



Bonus Question: 

Can you name the 25 UK rivers that have produced barbel over 15lb?

If you think you know every single answer, or even if you just know a few, we want to hear your guesses. Click the add comment tab for your chance to answer this tricky bonus question.


The answers will be posted on Monday. Good Luck!