Just pick a venue and start fishing

PREMIER Fisheries UK, the country¹s biggest collective of waters, has this week announced a massive campaign to get people fishing which includes £50,000-worth of free tackle and bait.

The organisation, which boasts 17 of the best fisheries in the UK, has got together with sponsors Browning and Cotswold Baits to provide 1,500 starter packs, including a 4m pole, ready-to-fish-rigs, a how-to guide and assorted baits, in an effort to help more people discover the joys of angling.

All newcomers and lapsed anglers have to do to secure their starter pack is register their details at www.premierfisheries.co.uk and then turn up at the fishery of their choice and buy a day ticket.

And the good news for all newcomers is that, providing they take their email confirming their participation with them, they won¹t need an EA rod licence to receive some basic instruction and fish on the day.

³Angling is a great way to relax and is fun for all the family,² said David de Vere, of Old Bury Hill Fisheries, Dorking, Surrey, a leading Premier venue.

³This initiative makes it easier than ever for people with no experience or tackle to come and get involved and enjoy the fun of fishing,² he added.

The innovative scheme is also aimed at the huge number of lapsed anglers, people who used to enjoy fishing in the past but who have drifted away from the sport.

And with something tasty to put on their hook and some quality tackle to land fish with courtesy of Cotswold Baits and Browning, participants are certain to experience the thrill of hooking a decent fish for the first time in ages, if not ever.

³This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone to turn up at a top fishery and get a taste of fishing. With free tackle, bait and no EA rod licence required, there¹s nothing to stop anyone having a go,² said Browning¹s Anthony Connolly.

³Premier Fisheries is known for the superb standard of fishing and facilities it provides, giving everyone a great chance of catching fish, having a lot of fun and, most importantly, relaxing,² he added.

» For further details of the ŒGo Fishing With Premier¹ campaign, running from May 1 to August 31, visit www.premierfisheries.co.uk


The Venues
1 Bradshaw Hall, Lancs, tel: 01204 307197
2 British Waterways, Herts,
tel: 01923 201101
3 Broom Fisheries, Annan, Dumfries,
tel: 01461 700209
4 Browning Cudmore, Staffordshire,
tel: 01782 680919
5 Browning Tingrith, Beds, tel: 01525 714012
6 Bury Hill, Surrey, tel: 01306 877540
7 CEMEX Angling, Surrey, tel: 01932 583630
8 Dents of Hilgay, Norfolk, tel: 01366 385661
9 Docklow Pools, Herefordshire,
tel: 01568 760256
10 Llyn y Gors, Anglesey, tel: 01248 716324
11 Mallory Park, Leics, tel: 01162 774131
12 Oham Lakes, Lincs, tel: 01507 450623
13 The Celtic Fishery, West Wales,
tel: 01570 471010
14 White Acres, Cornwall, tel: 01726 826519
15 White Springs, South Wales,
tel: 01792 885699
16 Woodland Lakes, Yorks, tel: 01845 527099
17 Wylands Angling, Suffolk,
tel: 01424 893394