Join us for Gofishing's live chat room quiz

Everyone is welcome to take part in our on-line, live Gofishing quiz night.

It starts at 9pm on Monday evening, and can be found at

To take part, all you need to do is log-in to the site and you'll be able to enter the chat room.

There will be 50 questions: 10 on Fishing, 10 on Music, 10 on Food and Drink, 10 on The Natural World and 10 on General Knowledge.

It takes just under an hour and, according to users who have taken part in previous quizzes, it's "a great laugh", "great banter", "the best laugh I've had in ages".

So why not take part this Monday evening? It's a fun way to win some great fishing tackle!

Here's how the quiz works...

A question will be posted by the website's editor, Toombsy. You have 30 seconds to post as many answers as you can, but the first person to post the correct answer will win the point for that question.

The person with the highest score overall will win some brand new, quality fishing tackle.

It's free to enter - and it's a hell of a lot more interesting than watching Big Brother!!!!

See you there, maybe?