Join Gofishing's live chat room quiz

On Monday 14th July at 9pm Gofishing will be hosting its second on-line quiz.

It's free to enter and will consist of 50 questions - five groups of 10.

The categories are: Fishing, TV, Sport, Music and General Knowledge.

It's free to enter, but you must be registered with the site in order to access the chat room and take part.

The rules are very simple - a question will be posted by 'Toombsy' and you have 30 seconds to answer. When the 30 seconds expires, 'STOP' will be posted. Answers do not count after that time. You can post answers as many times as you like within the 30 seconds, but only the first correct answer will count. The user who posts the first correct answer will win a point.

There will be a tackle prize for the user with the most correct answers.

The quiz will take place in the Coarse section of the Gofishing chat room at 9pm, Monday July 14th.

You can find the chat room by clicking HERE.

See you then!