Golden Peg a rival to Fish O’

A massive £30,000 winner’s prize is the carrot being dangled in front of anglers as an exciting new competition was announced this week.

Golden is a 24-match series at three of the country’s top commercial waters culminating in a grand final on New Year’s Eve where one angler will see in 2009 with a pretty healthy bank balance after pocketing that big, big prize.

The event is the brainchild of Essex matchman Conrad Gomes, and is designed to give the average angler the chance of winning the sort of big money most can only dream about.

“Golden is shortly going live and once the website is launched, anglers will be able to see just what a fantastic competition it is,” Conrad said.

“The aim of the competition is to not only give anglers this chance of big money, but also to try to get some new blood into fishing, which can only be good for the future of the sport, raise money for charity and create the most exciting and fairest fishing competition in the country.”

All qualifying matches (listed right) are on Fridays, with Coleman’s Cottage in the South, Woodland View in the Midlands and Lindholme Lakes in the North the three chosen venues hosting the qualifiers, starting in early July and running right through until just before Christmas. Anglers are allowed to enter as many matches as they wish.

“Obviously parallels will be drawn to Fish O’Mania, although I’m not running it as a direct rival,” Conrad explained. “The competition is bound to set tongues wagging on the match scene and AT columnist and former Fish O’ champion Steve Ringer was curious when told the preliminary details about the event. 

“On paper, this sounds terrific news for match anglers,” said Steve. “I’ve always said that the more big money, high-profile matches there are, the better it has to be for fishing. I’ll certainly keep an eye on developments and think about having a go at Woodlands as £30,000 isn’t to be sniffed at. What a New Year’s Eve that would be!”
“The go live date for the site is just a few weeks away and we’ll be announcing the full launch then, so keep an eye out in the press,” Conrad added. “If you’re a match angler, you’ll not want to miss out.”