Giant freshwater stingray capture

Giant freshwater stingray captured by owner Rick Humphreys from the tidal reaches of the Ban Pakong River in Thailand.

The mighty prehistoric predator was caught from the tidal reaches of the massive river near Chachoengsao and required the use of a boat to extract the monster ray.

The Giant frshwater stingray was estimated to weigh 120kg and was beaten after a fifty minute battle which was filmed by a Thai national newscrew.

In addition the team captured the entire catch and release of the creature on video which we shall soon be releasing on the net.

On a six day expedition the team also captured two other smaller specimens upto the 45-50kg region, in addition to losing a fish estimated to weigh a whopping 180kg which was brought alongside of the boat on several occasions!

Two days after the capture of the 120kg monster a friend and returning client Koto-san from Japan caught an estimated 40kg Giant freshwater stingray from the same stretch of river on a short day session.

This massive tidal river is home to the largest freshwater fish on the planet holding prehistoric predators of mythical proportions.

The team has now accounted for 17 individual captures of this highly nomadic and understudied creatures and our captures have attracted great interest from various organisations including the WWF who have expressed an interest in examining one of these creatures during its capture and release.