F1s Show to Pellet for the Winner


While his team may have bombed out, some silverware and money was at least heading back to Suffolk as Hosking’s Haulers’ Bob Clarke took the individual honours with a 63-600 haul of F1 hybrids.

With the Match Lake proving the place to be, Bury St Edmund’s-based Bob drew favoured end peg 38 on the grass bank in front of the island and caught all day as the lake produced five 100lb plus hauls, pellet shallow the winning method.
Only having to reach out to 11m, Bob fished a banded 6mm hard pellet on the hook over little and often loosefed 4mm pellet, taking the bulk of his fish, which averaged 1lb 8oz apiece, at around six inches deep.

“I wouldn’t say there were good and bad spells,” Bob said. “I caught almost from the word go and it just carried on. Everyone that I could see on the lake was catching but I felt I was just getting my bites and getting the fish in that little big quicker.”

The action then switched to the other end of the grass bank where at peg 10, Mark Burns did his bit for his Steven’s Tackle team, bagging 57-340 of F1s on pole and pellet shallow and in the edge close to some marginal lilies late on, while third man Steve Porter, Knighton Angling, was at peg 36 next door to winner Bob but couldn’t quite match his pace, finishing on 50-680.

Individual result: 1 B Clarke, Hosking’s Haulers, 63-600; 2 M Burns, Steven’s Tackle, 57-340; 3 S Porter, Knighton Angling, 50-680.


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