Exclusive signed print offer for Go Fishing users

Artist Jonathan Sanders is a keen angler fishing for mostly carp and tench in still waters around Somerset and Wiltshire. This has naturally led him to paint his most cherished fishing moments.  Jonathan has given preference to the Go Fishing website in order to offer the keenest angler a chance to purchase a signed limited edition print of “The Carp Swim” or “Anglers Dawn”. 

With a limited edition of 195 these prints will not be available for long!  A popular artist, his prints sell by the thousands through Ikea and numerous other outlets to a worldwide audience.

“The Carp Swim” and “Anglers Dawn” are wrapped & mounted giving an overall size of 495mm wide x 510mm high and cost just £95.00 each including p&p.  Each print is individually signed and numbered by Jonathan.  If you wish to purchase a print please visit Jonathan’s website by clicking here, or email him on enquiries@jonathansanders.com.  You can also call on 01225 312680.

“It has been a baking hot summers day.  I am sitting in my favourite swim; the lake has been motionless most of the day, apart from the odd surface ripple.  As the light fades, the nature of the lake changes, activity starts as if someone has flicked a switch.  The marginals start to 'knock' there are slurping noises as the carp start to feed.  There is a great sense of expectancy; it is almost as good as it gets.  How lucky I am to be here, immersed in nature, in one of my favourite places "The Carp Swim".

This is the moment I have been waiting for - a chance to fish my favourite lake.  It's an early start and it looks like a hot day ahead.  I find my favourite spot and everything looks perfect.  The mist rises from the water; the sun shows its first rays and for a moment I am part of my surroundings.  It is with great anticipation that I make my first cast.”