Catch fish and win great tackle prizes with Gofishing

Here's a fantastic chance to win great fishing tackle prizes and show fellow anglers what you've caught.

It's a forum-based competition that's open to all you coarse, match, sea, game and carp anglers out there.

All you need to do is go out fishing armed with a camera, catch a fish or a bag of fish and tell us all about it.... really simple!

Each month we will be posting a thread in the competition section of our Forum where you can post your fishing story and add your photo. You must add a photo though or your entry won't count.

Tell us about your day, what bait you caught the fish on, what method you used, where you caught it from, what it weighed, the conditions, what you fed - as much information you like.

Each competition will run for a month, and we'll be reading each and every entry as it is posted. And at the end of each month we will pick a winner and send him or her a tackle prize that suits the style of fishing that they do. Coarse anglers will win coarse tackle, trout anglers will win trout tackle, etc.

So, get your camera and bait ready for this weekend and tell us what you've caught.... there's some great kit and it could be yours for simply telling us about your day...

You'll find details of our first competition by clicking HERE.

Good luck, and may your nets bulge, your elastics stretch, your bite alarms buzz and your string be pulled !!