Britain’s Strongest Pole?

This week AT tackle tester Mark Sawyer has been lucky enough to get out on the bank with the new 14m Tri-Cast Talisman.


Straight away he was impressed with the pole's awesome strength and regards it as the toughest pole that he has ever handled. And that's some claim.


In fact, he felt the pole was so strong that you could stand on it… so we put it to the test!


The 14m butt section was placed flat on the office floor and Mark tentatively placed his weight on it with eyes shut. There was no creaking, cracking or splinters of carbon and it stood strong which is testament to its incredible integral strength.


We are not advising that you try this at home but it does give a good idea of just how much abuse this the pole could probably withstand. And how long it will probably last your average angler.


Admittedly the butt section is always the strongest section of a pole, but even the fourth section will not ‘oval’ no matter how hard you squeeze it. And that's reassuring when you'll likely end up bringing a big fish in with the fourth section added.


The 14m Talisman sells for £1,149 and if you regularly target commercials that contain numbers of big fish then it is worth taking a serious look at this new addition to the market.


Look out for a full review in the April 8  edition of Angling Times.