Bigger bags, giant tins, lower prices


In the relatively short period it has been in business, Sonu Baits has already established itself at the forefront of the market – due in no small measure to its reputation for creating products tailored to anglers’ needs. The lads at Sonu have never been afraid to come up with something that little bit different.

The latest range of products looks set to continue that trend, because they address a situation only too familiar to anyone who has ever held back on feeding a swim because of the high cost involved.

The team at Sonu has paid close attention to the UK market and the way that anglers tend to shop, and they have discovered that most of those who visit commercial fisheries take totally different baits to use on the hook to the ones they throw in as loose offerings. This often results in the angler having to fork out large sums of money just to get enough bait for a day’s fishing, with a couple of bags of feed pellets or a couple of tins of particles required before they even take into account the cost of hookbaits or livebaits such as worms and maggots.

Sonu has come up with its new range of products to eradicate this problem, and while the halibut pellets and hempseed that make up the loosefeed may not differ massively in quality to what’s available elsewhere, the size of the packages and their realistic prices certainly do.

The halibut pellets are available in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm diameters and have a high oil and fishmeal content, with green-lipped mussel meal added to give them an edge.

Instead of the usual 1kg or 900g bags, Sonu has super sized them into larger 1.8kg bags that should provide enough baits for a session, even when the fish are really having it. Should you not use all the bait at once you can simply save them for another session, courtesy of those clever re-sealable bags.

Sonu’s hempseed is part of the company’s new Super Scent range. It is natural in flavour and comes in a giant 1kg tin which should be ample for a day’s fishing. Both these larger packets come at very little added cost and offer excellent value for money for the angler.

The other Super Scent product launched under the Sonu banner is Boosted Sweetcorn that comes in small 185g ring-pull tins at just 99p.

These tins are perfect for chucking in your carryall or bag, and make the perfect hookbaits with their boosted flavour of either pineapple, strawberry, scopex or tutti frutti. The strawberry sweet corn is bright red in colour and the tutti frutti version is orange, so it will really stand out as a hookbait over a bed of Sonu halibut pellets or hempseed.

The final product launch from Sonu is handy pots of boilie hookbaits. These buck the traditional trend of being round – instead, they are shaped just like a pellet. They are manufactured using the same process as a normal boilie, but because there is no rolling involved the cost of the product can be kept to a minimum.

These boilies are available in white fish, white chocolate and pineapple flavours in 6mm, 8mm and 12mm sizes, and a 75g pot sells for just £1.49 – which means that buying a couple of different sizes or flavours to give you a choice of hookbait options will be very easy on the pocket.