Bawburgh Complex Produces Big Tench Hauls


A succession of huge specimen tench have awarded Norfolk anglers fishing exclusive Bawburgh Complex this week as the weather finally warmed up and brought the fish on the feed.

Norfolk Anglers’ Conservation Association members Mark Barrett and Sean James shared dream catches of the species, with Mark especially reaping the rewards of a decision to bait up heavily for his marathon five-day session.

Eley, Cambs-based Mark fed his way through over two gallons of red maggots, 8kg of pellets, 5kg of groundbait, 7 tins of corn and a gallon-and-a-half of hemp to catch 20 tench over his session, including four doubles weighing 11lb 4oz, 10lb 14oz, 10lb 10oz and 10lb 2oz.

The highlight of the Fox consultant’s trip was banking three doubles in one day – a feat few anglers have ever achieved – topped by the 11lb 4oz specimen which beat his old best for the species by 2oz.

“That’s as long a session as I’d fish. In my wildest dreams I never expected to make a catch like this,” Mark told Angling Times.

“You just can’t give them enough food. The more bait I put in the more and the bigger fish I was catching,” he added.

Mark’s winning rig consisted of a leadcore helicopter Kamasan Black Cap feeder rig and three red maggots Superglued to a hair-rigged fake caster.

Elsewhere on the complex, local EA employee Sean presented a mix of live and fake red maggots on a size 10 hook to tempt a new personal best tinca weighing 11lb 8oz as part of a 10 fish catch.

The 24-year-old spodded a particle mix of hemp and dead maggots on top of a close-in bar in 8ft of water for his 36hr session on Colney Lake, catching the massive fish a few hours after first light on a foggy morning.

“My tench breaks the lake and complex record and though I am yet to put a claim in, I shall be shortly,” said Sean, who landed seven fish on his previous trip, including fish weighing 10lb 1oz and 10lb.

Both anglers win Drennan Cup weekly awards for their tench.