Bag'em Matchbaits launch a new range

Bag’em matchbaits have launched a new range of match fishing baits exclusively with Angling Times.

A lot of time, thought and effort has gone into ensuring that the end consumer gets the best out of a range of match baits with a difference.

It’s not until you get a close look at the range that you realise a lot more thought has gone into almost every aspect when compared to most other match baits. Each product within the range is available in only three flavours to make the range concise and manageable for retailers.

Even the flavours have a bit of added extra, the strawberry flavour has added bergamot essential oil and the halibut flavour has added black pepper essential oil, to give them an extra advantage in the users swim.

The recurring difference with all products in the Bag’em range is the fact that there has been constant contact with match anglers of all abilities  The result is subtle additions to products such as these unique flavour combinations.

Another real benefit of Bag’em’s development is the fact that, although the company has received advice from some of match fishing’s top names including Jon Arthur and  Dave Coster the company has also heeded to the advice of ‘grass roots’ match fisherman.

Match angler Dean Jones fishes for a team based locally  and has been helping test and alter the products.

Dean explains: “I have been helping with testing over the winter months and I have been very impressed and excited with what I have experienced. I have had so many guys from my team and even my own father ask me what I was fishing with after bagging up to four times as many fish as them but I wasn’t allowed to tell them!
“I really can’t wait to use the Bag’em matchbaits range in the summer, when used correctly I think they have the potential to break fishery records.”
Using the bait correctly is an important point Dean makes. Most retailers will know that if anglers use a new product for the first time without fully understanding it and have a bad experience using it, they will be quick to write it of as ‘rubbish’. That’s why Bag’em has ensured that its flagship product Risers have full instructions included with them.

For those that haven’t yet heard of Risers, it won’t be long before you know all about our latest invention that is set to revolutionise the way match anglers think about their baits.

Risers are essentially 6mm expander pellets treated with a top secret process that makes them sink heavily. However, after a short period of time (anywhere from ten minutes up to an hour) the pellets start to gain buoyancy and slowly rise through the water again one by one.

The idea is that fish think the rising pellets are hatching larvae and start to feed manically. Dean found that in testing when combined with the feeder pellets in the collection that fish were confused by the rising and sinking baits and started to feed wildly taking bites at anything and everything.
We prepare four batches of these pellets at a time, each batch treated slightly differently. Then we mix those four batches when packing so that each pot contains pellets that will rise at different time and speeds.”
Look out for other unique ideas  coming out over the next few weeks

All of our bait is foiled sealed for freshness in see through plastic pots. So you can see the quality of the bait before you buy it.
If you hadn’t already realised, Bag’em matchbaits is going to be much more than your average bait.

The Bag’em matchbaits range
Risers (feeder pellets) (200 or 600ml pots)
Oily hookers (200ml pots)
Smoothskin pellets (150ml pots)
Mini boilies (200ml pots)
Pole paste (200ml pots)
Waggler and feeder paste (200ml pots)
Hookbait sweetcorn (200ml pots)
Cooked hemp (600ml pots)
Hard feeders (1500ml pots)
Moist feeder pellets (1500ml pots)
Groundbait (1500ml pots)
Flavoured dyes (250ml bottles)
Natural attractors (250ml bottles)