Armed Pair Grab £2,500 Worth of Kit


Anglers are being urged to be cautious after a shocking incident in which a carper had a knife held to his throat while his tackle was stolen by yobs.

Forty-year-old Jason Bannister was confronted by two youths on Sunday, June 8 at 3.30am, on Richworth Linear Fisheries’ popular Hardwick Quarry lake and £2,500 of his gear stolen.

Jason, who is based in Germany with the Armed Forces, was spending the first week of a five week-long holiday in the UK when the harrowing scenario took place.

“Two lads approached my swim several times and started shining a torch in my face. They kept coming round to my swim and, as I suspected they were up to something, I stepped out of my bivvy each time. The final time I stepped out I was instantly confronted with a knife to my throat by one while his mate made away with my gear,” explained Jason.

“I may be more careful in choosing where I fish in future, but I certainly won’t be giving up fishing and I’ll be returning to Linear at some point” he added.

In an attempt to catch the thugs, the police are now urging witnesses to the incident to come forward.

“These two youths were hanging around for a while before this robbery. They were first heard around 1.30am and were talking briefly to anglers about whether or not they had had any success. If you were there at the time and spoke to these youths, please get in touch,” explained Detective Constable Paddy O’Grady of Witney CID.
Despite the horrific episode, Jason does not regret giving up his gear under the circumstances.

“While I paid a lot of money for my tackle, it was definitely not worth risking my life for. I would urge anyone who gets stuck in a similar situation to just give up their gear and avoid putting themselves at any risk,” insisted Jason.

Despite the attack, head bailiff Roy Parsons is confident the occurrence is a one off: “We have never had anything like this happen before and I can assure anglers that we are putting plans in place to create stronger measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our visitors.”

If you have any information surrounding the incident call 0845 8 505 505 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.