Another win sees Surrey men claim Superleague for seventh time in a row


Already the most successful team in Angling Times Team Championships history, Daiwa Dorking notched up their tenth Superleague title last week with a comprehensive demolition of the field to leave many asking ‘can they be beaten?’
The victory at Barston Lakes made it seven in a row for Steve Sanders talented team, leading the tackle shop boss to claim his side had now eclipsed famous names such as Cofton Hackett and Essex County as the finest match team the UK has ever seen.

Boasting a clutch of internationals and a raft of open match talent, few would argue and while Steve acknowledges that things will change and someone else will have their time in the limelight, at the moment Dorking are firmly on top.

“We approach matches professionally and do things the correct way,” Steve said. “If that means putting in a lot of time and money and making sacrifices then so be it. I’ve got 100% commitment from my team and they all want the same thing – to win titles.”

Dorking’s win at Barston was achieved in convincing fashion but Steve admitted that he didn’t even have his strongest team fishing. With two or three lads unavailable, he dug into his squad’s vast resources with the result still the same, more silverware going to Surrey.

“There’s no such thing in terms of talent as an A and a B team here,” he revealed. “I’ve built the squad in such a way so that if I need to replace anglers, the ones to come in are just as capable on the method needed. There aren’t any weak links.”
“They’re all highly motivated too,” Steve continued. “Dorking had a barren spell from the mid 90’s until 2000 when the team was being rebuilt. We had to watch the likes of Essex, Starlets, Highfield and Barnsley winning everything and that hurt. A lot of the team can remember that period but now we’re in that winning position, no one wants to stop.”