Angling's first ghost captured on camera


To many this image may look like a hoax or a camera malfunction, but two anglers claim that this is the picture of a ghost that left them ‘frozen with fear’ during their latest night fishing session.

Malcolm Miller and Alan Buxton were carp fishing at their local Bulcote Farm in Nottingham when Malcolm captured what the duo swear is ‘a soldier with a skeleton’s face clutching a baby’, while taking pictures of the lake.

Both anglers, who have fished the group of gravel pits for over 20 years, admit that prior to capturing the ghostly image they never believed in the supernatural or experienced anything out of the ordinary while fishing the allegedly ‘haunted’ Archer’s Lake.

But now they join a long list of visitors to the venue who have been left terrified by unexplained sightings, noises and ghostly apparitions that have seen groups of grown men flee the lake in the middle of the night before returning the next day to collect their tackle.

“There was absolutely nothing in the frame when the photo was taken, but the next morning we looked at the picture and both of us felt a shiver go up our spines,” said Malcolm.

“We’ve always been aware of a strange, cold, eerie area of Archer’s Lake and fished there many times, but nothing like this has ever happened.

“Four businessmen were fishing here a little while ago and something got them so frightened that they ran back to their cars in the night and didn’t come back till the next morning.”

Despite their scare, Carlton-based Malcolm and Alan, from Netherfield, are refusing to let the experience put them off fishing at Bulcote Farm – but they have admitted that if they do feel an extra chill on their next trip they’ll know it won’t be because of the time of year.

“Neither of us has ever believed in ghosts and we are very cynical about this kind of thing, but we know that this picture is evidence that there’s something at that lake which is beyond explanation,” Malcolm continued.