Angling World Championships - Final results

In a thrilling two day event, Drennan Team England has picked up the team gold, with William Raison collecting the title of 2008 angling World Champion. He landed a total of 25kg 530gr and picked up 3pts.

San Marino collected the team silver, while home squad Italy won bronze.

Individual placings saw Ireland's Willie Wheeler win the silver medal with 4 pts and a total of 15kg 760gr, while England's Stevie Gardner took the bronze medal with 4pts and 15kg 530gr.

A few words from the jubilant Drennan Team England Captain, Mark Downes; "The team mastered the venue perfectly, and to have two of our lads on the podium is a perfect result. This is on par with winning the Paris event back in 2001. This was definitely the hardest match to win - I mean to beat Italy on their home venue is awesome really. It really doesn't happen, beating Italy in Italy. I'm absolutely chuffed to bits."

"We needed a decent draw and, I admit, we did have some luck but the lads definitely worked really hard for this result and I'm dead proud of them. The Italians definitely got it wrong yesterday, but we didn't. It really is an awesome result - the lads had lost the knack of winning as a team, but not now. We knew to take no risks and that certainly paid off."

Team placings, after the final event, are as follows:-

1st Drennan Team England 75pts
2nd San Marino 104pts
3rd Italy 105pts
4th Czech Republic 119pts
5th Hungary 128pts
6th Shimano Wales 130pts
7th Belguim 137pts
8th Switzerland 150.5pts
9th Portugal 151pts
10th Holland 153pts
11th Daiwa Scotland 155pts
12th Germany 163.5pts
13th Slovakia 168pts
14th Sweden 174.5pts
15th Poland 177.5pts
16th Russia 180pts
17th Montenegro 185.5pts
18th Tubertini Ireland 189pts
19th Austrria 191.5pts
20th Slovenia 194pts
21st Bulgaria 197pts
22nd Denmark 197pts
23rd France 198.5pts
24th Spain 200pts
25th Romania 203.5pts
26th Ukraine 204pts
27th South Africa 208pts
28th Luxembourg 216pts
29th Serbia 233.5pts
30th Latvia 235pts
31st America 245pts
32nd Bosnia 247pts
33rd Croatia 257.5pts
34th Finland 258.5pts
35th Macedonia 291.5pts
36th Channel Isles 299.5pts
37th Norway 303.5pts


And here are the top ten team results from today's final match:-

1st Italy 41pts
2nd Shimano Wales 46pts
3rd Portugal 52pts
4th Drennan Team England 53pts
5th Hungary 57pts
6th San Marino 66pts
7th Czech Republic 68pts
8th Holland 68pts
9th Switzerland 71pts
10th Belgium 74pts


To view the full team results from day one, click HERE.