Angling Times/Van Den Eynde Clubman Supercup Midlands Semi Final


Maver Larford Lakes, Arena, Match & Specimen Lakes (17 teams)


Winners Mansfield Piscatorials proved in this semi final that practice doesn’t always make perfect as the Nottinghamshire men scored a clear win with 27 points after putting in less then a few hours on Larford in the run up to the match.

Mansfield finished seven clear of Supercup debutants Wade’s MG in second, local lads Steven’s Tackle taking the bronze medals with third spot on 43 to also book their spot in the semi as Larford once again produced the goods on the big occasion.

While the Specimen Lake proved hard in places, the Arena and Match Lakes hit top form with five 100lb plus hauls and 50lb only proving enough to finish midway in some sections.

For Mansfield though, they relied on information from those anglers that fish the venue, only sending a couple of the team down for a few hours in the week to try out a few things and the win, according to skipper Ian Rowney, is a victory for fishing to your strengths.

“We knew that pellet and paste would play a big part on the Match and Arena Lakes so we put our best men on that method on there but the Specimen Lake was always where it was going to be won and lost,” Ian explained. “We had the choice of going down the skimmer route for safe points or going after the carp and in the end I think the three men on there, myself included, have all caught on different methods but we’ve all had carp.”

The winners also kept their cool, knowing full well that the final hour could really swing the match as Larford’s massive carp decided to have a feed and were fully prepared to pick them off when they did show.

“It’s along way to come for us so to win is fantastic and I just hope we can do ourselves justice at the final,” Ian continued. “We were third last year so any improvement this year will be a real result.”

While Mansfield might be confident on commercial waters, runners-up Wade’s wouldn’t say that’s the case with them. A self-confessed river team adapting to the commercial carp scene, the Peterborough lads looked like old hands as they powered into second led by skipper Lee Kendall with a lake win on the Arena Lake.
Aided by Paul Wright with a section win on the Specimen Lake and Dale Stones with a second in section on the same lake, the result represents an impressive first year in the event for the team – and it’s not over yet!

“We just came and put out best men on the lakes that suited their style,” Lee said. “That meant feeder and waggler anglers on the Specimen Lake and small carp anglers on the other two. To be frank, we’re amazed to have got this far because we’re not a commercial team. Making the final is unreal.”

Wade’s might also have an advantage up their sleeves when it comes to final time too as several of their team have fished and won at JCB Lakes in corporate matches but as Lee admitted, things change and some serious practice will sort out what needs doing to potentially make it a dream debut year!


Team result (top seven qualify): 1 Mansfield  Piscatorials, 27pts; 2 Wade’s MG, 34; 3 Steven’s Tackle, 35; 4 White Hart AC, 43; 5 White Hart Flore AC, 45; 6 Knighton Angling, 46; 7 Skegness MG, 53; 8 Parkside FC, 54; 9 Blake Hall, 58; 10 Gipping Valley AC, 60 (sections); 11 Newdigate AC, 60; 12 Hosking’s Haulers, 61; 13 Long Eaton AS, 62; 14 F1 MG, 65 (sections); 15 Nathan’s JCB, 65; 16 Mulbarton DAA, 73; 17 Shipshape Tackle, 77.


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