Angling ‘missing out’ in Lottery race

Angling gets less in funding from Lottery hand-outs than minority sports like badminton, table tennis, archery, lacrosse, orienteering and handball, AT can reveal.

Anglers nationwide will be dismayed to learn that many less mainstream activities with far fewer regular participants and less international success have been receiving more money than us in terms of Government Grant-in-Aid or Lottery funding.

Over the past three years, our sport has received £909,999 worth of funding, but when that is compared with the following, anglers can feel justifiably hard done by:
Badminton £12,861,730, table tennis £4,202,113, archery £2,704,016, lacrosse £1,638,333, orienteering £1,610,230,  handball £1,511,091 and snowsports £1,082,148.

Labour MP and Parliamentary Spokesperson for Angling Martin Salter admitted that the sport doesn’t receive its fair share.

“Over the last three years, angling has received £225,000 in Grant-in-Aid and £684,999 from the Lottery which is nowhere near enough,” claimed Martin.

“These figures don’t include money from local authorities, and other public sources such as the Home Office’s Positive Futures scheme.

“What angling needs is a professional governing body able to help the sport apply for the funding available.”

And there lies the crux of the issue – that as a sport, particularly at club level, many remain unaware of the avenues of securing grants and funds.

Sport England invests in various sports’ governing bodies to deliver specific plans and strategies aimed at growing each sport.

Criteria includes forging links with schools, the contribution made to the population’s well-being and current levels of participation.

One avenue of approach worth investigating is Sportsmatch, which invests in initiatives aimed at increasing grassroots participation.

“We can match sponsorship which has been given to an eligible sports body by a company, trust or private individual, thereby doubling the amount of funding,” said a Sport England spokesperson.

Some success has, in fact, been achieved by the National Federation of Anglers over the past 12 months through the establishment of the Angling Development Board tasked with setting up coaching qualifications to help boost participation levels.
“Over the past year we’ve doubled the amount of annual funding we’ve been receiving,” claimed NFA chief executive Paul Baggaley.

“Clubs should investigate all sources of funding available to them, especially through Sportsmatch,” he added.

For further information about Sport England and Sportsmatch visit and or call the NFA on 0115 9813535.