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Just to prove how the angling grapevine can lead you right up the garden path, two snippets of information this week about the fishing at Pagham in Sussex.

The first, heard in the tackle shop suggested that the place was alive with big smoothhound during the evening tides with a piece of crab, any old crab, on a 3/0 cast 80 yards would result in a double figured fish every cast.

OK so I generally take those kind of rumours with a pinch of salt and this was justified the very next day when I spoke in person to a well known angler who lives less than five minutes from Pagham.

He said and I quote “The place is clogged with floating green weed during the bigger tides and if you can get a spot on the beach amongst the crowds of anglers at the weekend you are lucky.

Steer clear until midweek, fish at night and during the weaker neap flooding tides when the weed is not SO BAD!”


Fancy fishing a match with a difference then what about the Dover Sea Angling Species Open which takes place on Dover Southern breakwater on 11th June. Boats leave for the wall from 2.30pm and the fishing is from 4pm until 8.30pm.

Three of each species can be weighed in with a points score for each according to weight plus the total weight as a tie breaker. The biggest of every species also wins a prize. For tickets and details contact Dover SAA on 01304 204722


What’s the biggest growth area in angling? Most would reply carp fishing, but my bet is they would be wrong – It is amongst ethnic anglers lure fishing for mackerel.

Many of the piers, especially around the south, are now clogged with anglers feathering for mackerel during the summer and in my neck of the woods English is no longer the spoken language on the piers with Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Kosovan, Polish and a host of others having fun with the mackerel shoals.

But it’s the tackle dealers that are noticing a big upsurge in sales of cheap rods and reels, line, feather and leads so much so that many openly admit it has saved their businesses.


I had to laugh WITH Shimano dinghy angler, Dave Lewis after his recent April fools tale in Sea Angler magazine about tropical species populating Aberthaw in South Wales.

It obviously had some anglers who read it totally fooled despite the mention of banana boats, because they got the real hump with Dave for writing it and said it should not have wasted valuable pages in the magazine.

Come on people get a life the odd fairy tale never hurt anyone and there are enough of them around so lets not tarpon about it!