Alan Yates' Sea Fishing blog 7.7.08

Fox to sponsor England International seniors

Some excellent news for the England International squad is that Fox International are to sponsor the senior team, they already sponsor the England juniors.

The sponsorship, as with most of those available to the internationals is for tackle, clothing etc, no cash. However a couple of rods, all the tee shirts etc you need plus a supply of accessories can be worth a great deal of cash saved and because I am involved with Fox Sea as a consultant I know that the Fox Sea range of tackle is not only excellent, but its expanding all the time with the accessories in particular going through an update.

As for the rod range I am very pleased with the models that Chris Clark and myself designed and I reckon there is a model in the range for all tastes including the matchmen.

The only problem for the average sea angler is finding a Fox dealer – My tip look for a shop that sells lots of coarse fishing gear because Fox are big on carp and coarse match fishing.

Stewards do a wonderful job

I was a steward over the two days of the latest Home Nations International fished at Samphire Hoe, Dover during which time well over 1000 fish were caught, measured, recorded then returned alive.

It was a busy couple of days for the army of stewards and makes you realise just how great stewarded measure and return match fishing is.

Unfortunately it is not possible to organise the number of stewards required for an open event which is a pity because catch and release with an independent steward is a fantastic match system.

I am not in favour of catch, measure and return events when its competitor DIY simple because there are so many anglers with different opinions on whether a fish is sizeable, how long a fish is and much of what ends up on bag labels is fiction, whilst the fish are ripped off the hooks and few go back alive.

That’s why so many average anglers vote with their feet at such events. BUT with independent stewards and fish placed in buckets of water the problems are totally resolved, plus all the fish go back alive.

Rod holdalls on test

I conducted a review of rod holdalls in the current issue of Sea Angler magazine (issue 429) and there were some really great models including the shorter rod quivers and extra long holdalls – I particularly liked those from Ian Golds, Ron Thompson, Titan and Veals.

However, the rod holdall that I designed for Abu was not in the test review for some reason and it’s one of the best even though I do say so myself.

The best feature to look for in a rod holdall apart from the correct length is a model with three pull tight straps over its length. These can be used to hold a Beach Buddy shelter, simply lay the shelter along the straps after you have inserted your rod, pull the straps tight and off you walk.

It’s a pain having to mess around threading your wet, muddy, sandy shelter in to compartments etc when you pack up fishing late at night and want to get home quick.

Check out the Abu Garcia rod holdall for a clean and speedy get away.