Alan Yates' Sea Fishing Blog 24.7.08


Yes you noticed – I meant Lewis Hamilton not Anthony in my last diary piece. I must admit to watching more snooker than F1 because it’s more of a contest, although Lewis Hamilton has spiced things up since Silverstone. 

Some things never change!

Sorting through my old issues of the Angling Times in the loft I came across a set of “Fishing” magazines first published in 1963.
I have a large selection including number one in black and white though to issue 170 when the magazine moved to colour.
Reading through them it’s amazing how some modern opinions and ideas were already around in the nineteen sixties.
A feature in issue 2 by Bruce McMillen referred to the decline in inshore fishing from piers and beaches.
He blamed a number of factors including, inshore over trawling and the crowds of anglers, he talked of 600 anglers fishing a few yards apart in a festival, whilst an increase in sharks, seals and cormorants plus anglers taking undersized fish were also blamed.
McMillan recommended three courses of action to halt the decline in the fishing.
First was the return of all immature fish, second was to report others for taking them and to watch out for pollution, whilst the third was to kill all tope and sharks!

Great angling telly

Out fishing at the weekend I had to Sky plus Fish-O-Mania. What a cracking match at Cudmore fisheries.
I was green with envy watching the top coarse anglers in action.
TV is coming to angling and the five hour match was riveting and proved fishing is a TV sport so well done Sky and all concerned it made me want to enter a heat next year!

Weed everywhere!

My latest sea-angling trip was to Dungeness for a club evening match.
Another three hour plus session in a howling gale – this summer has been a procession of big winds and rain and its messed up some good matches.
At Dungy the wind had whipped up the sea and it was full of weed – the green cloggy kind that wraps up the leader knot and is difficult to remove and when you do you get sprayed with silt and weed.
I was catching dogfish and some quality whiting, some over the 1lb, but the weed was so bad it was close to making fishing impossible whilst I came off the beach looking like I had been in the spray bay.
Because it was a club match I didn’t bother alternating two rods.
The tactic of pulling one in, casting out the other and then clearing the first rod of weed definitely increases bait time in the water.

Bait disaster

Disaster midweek when the upright freezer in the garage was found to be totally thawed out after a lamb chop fell down and jammed the door open.
But the food was not the only problem with all of Spring’s frozen peeler stock ruined plus a large number of Ammo sandeels.
The latter can be replaced but the crabs can’t. With the forthcoming autumn and winter expecting a bumper crop of bigger codling I was prepared because in the past frozen peeler has always been the best bait for codling.
Now I shall join the rest and rely on fresh yellowtail lugworm or the occasional fresh peeler supply up from Devon!