Alan Yates' Sea Fishing Blog 16.8.08

Get on your bike

My local Kent shoreline is in the doldrums at present and it is not unusual at this time of year – all the fish seem to have bypassed the northern end of the English Channel and sped off into the North Sea. It’s the same down the south west – talking to my old mate Ken Middlemist from Amble he tells me he landed a 5lb 10oz bass in a match at Barrowhead in South West Scotland recently and that’s were all our bass etc have gone. Nearby Achanlarie is full of smoothhounds and talking to Kirkcudbright angler, Reg Briggs he reckons the smoothhounds are increasing in numbers and size every season – tell me about it, the hounds have brought a shot in the arm to shore and boat fishing around the UK and currently ray numbers are on the increase too. Those that moan about the sea fishing being poor should get out more because there is no doubt the fishing in many cases is getting better and better. This end of the season there is plenty to look forward to - in some areas cod and whiting are arriving inshore amongst the bass etc. I took a trip in a boat recently and confirmed the rumours that the English Channel was full of big codling – what’s more I saw for myself that the fish are thin and hungry – that points to there being a lot of them. Just one proviso for successful shore and boat fishing nowadays. Don’t expect the fish to come to you all the time - GO TO THEM!


Match fishing opportunity

If you fancy a go at match fishing then the Portchester open being fished on
Sunday 30th November 2008 is one to try. It’s a rover between Portchester sailing club boundary board and Wicor Point with the fishing from 10:30am until 3:30pm with the weigh in until 4:15pm. Entry fee is £8.00 which is not too steep and there is a £20 optional pool. Top prize overall is £500 with a full supporting cash and prize table. To pre book or for more details contact: Hansfords 3, High Street, Fareham, Hants PO16 7AN  Tel  (01329) 280213
You can also book in on the day of the event at The Portchester Sailing Club from 8am.


The one mile restriction on trawling

The increase in inshore commercial netting, trawling etc is often blamed for the reduction in the population of the prime sea fish found close to shore with the numbers of plaice and sole particularly hard hit, whilst the inshore area is considered the major nursery area of lots of the other major sea species. Anglers often complain of miles of nets strung out in front of favourite beaches, or trawlers so close in often within casting range. Well this may soon stop with an increasing amount of support for a one mile restriction zone on commercial fishing around the UK. Called the “Golden Mile”, the proposal has the support of many of the major angling organisations who say that a ban on nets one mile from the shore would greatly improve the angling leisure industry which generates far more revenue both local and government than commercial fishing. What’s more, anglers return fish alive so the resource is sustained, whilst the commercial trawlers and nets kill everything including the immature fish. With the government looking at the golden mile proposal, anglers around the UK are joining the calls to protect the inshore waters. You can get involved by signing up to a petition to the Prime Minister to stop trawlers working within 1 mile of the shore.