A rudd to hand every 22 seconds

In one of the most amazing fishing endurance feats so far this year, a match angler has rattled out 803 rudd for an incredible 164lb 5oz in just five hours – the equivalent of one fish every 22 seconds!

Tri-Cast and GOT Baits-sponsored match ace Simon Poynter described his epic silverfish session at Gunna Barn Fishery, in Summercourt, Cornwall, as ‘like being in Ireland again’ after he resembled a human windmill using just the top section of his pole.

Swinging fish straight to hand, Callington, Cornwall-based Simon fed his way through three pints of maggots to keep the bites coming from a seemingly endless supply of fish averaging between 3oz and 4oz. He put his huge bag down to the GOT Atomic Cloud product he used to prime his swim and dust his hookbaits.

“It’s the first time I’ve tried it and I couldn’t believe how well it worked. I mixed the powder with water and put half a 250ml pole pot full in at the start, topping up every half an hour,” said Simon.

The 34-year-old fished a 4x8 Drennan Pinkie float set 8ins deep with single or double maggot, dusted in Atomic Cloud, on a size 17 Kamasan B711 hook in conjunction with 0.12mm line and a No8 elastic.

“It was a small match held on the Specimen Lake at Gunna Barn and most of the rudd here have never seen a hook before, so they’re drawn to your bait like a magnet. I knew a big weight might be possible, but not this big,” said Simon.