52kg and 46kg+ Giant Siamese carp caught in Bangkok

The previous few weeks have seen Fishsiam Ltd clients catching some extremely large Giant Siamese carp.

Fishsiam pro-guide Jeab caught a 52.1kg Giant Siamese carp whilst fishing at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok.

The fish was caught after a forty minute battle which required the angler to enter the water to free the fish from snags.

The large carp was caught on an Owner hook popped-up above a 4oz Fox Method feeder loaded with local groundbait.

A strong 100lb fluoro carbon leader attached to 60lb Power-Pro braided mainline completed the angler's set-up.

This capture followed hot on the heels of five other individual Giant Siamese carp with weights between 19-30kgs which the local angler captured in three short-day sessions two weeks previously.

Another angler Ray Hughes from the UK also scored with the big carp at Bungsamran Lake catching a 46.6kg specimen whilst fishing with the Fishsiam.com team.