37lb carp taken on a livebait

It isn’t just traditional predatory species that will eat a livebait, as Mark Barratt found last week when he landed this huge 37lb 15oz carp on a small rudd offering intended for catfish.

The 36-year-old, from Wilburton in Cambs, was filming a new series of the satellite TV series Predators when his bite alarm signalled a vicious take.

Mark initially thought he was attached to a large catfish, but was gobsmacked when the monster carp – the largest known example of the species in the lake – popped up in front of him ready for netting.

Mark said: “I was telling the cameraman that the ‘cat’ wasn’t fighting that hard, when up pops the biggest carp in the lake at 37lb 15oz, caught fair and square in the bottom lip! I’ve had some weird catches before – such as a bream on a spinner – but I’ve never had a carp take the bait before!” said Mark, who is secretary of the Pike Anglers’ Club of Great Britain and also acts as a consultant for tackle firm Fox.