330lb Arapaima caught in Thailand

DERBYSHIRE rod David Negus opted to get the rods out during a recent holiday to Thailand and was rewarded with this enormous arapaima, estimated to weigh 330lb.

The exotic specimen - one of the most fearsome predators swimming in Far Eastern waters - was caught from a prolific nine-acre lake near Krabi, in the west of the country, and fell to a large deadbait.

David battled with the huge specimen for an arm-aching 30 minutes before he finally got it under control with the help of 6lb test curve Free Spirit Catfish rods and Shimano big pit reels loaded with 45lb braid.

He told Angling Times: “When I saw it in the huge cage net I couldn’t believe it. I can only describe the feeling as one that someone must feel when they have won the lottery!”