200lb of barbel and chub in five hours


Pleasure angler Dave Sarson had ‘the river session of his life’ when he used just four pints of bait to bank a round 200lb of hard-fighting barbel and chub in five hours’ fishing.

Arriving on the banks of the River Trent at the crack of dawn, the Doncaster-based running water enthusiast began his dream day by baiting a swim at the Scunthorpe Police Angling Club’s Lady Pitt Farm stretch with three baitdroppers of chilli hemp and casters.

He then let his peg settle while he tackled up, and 45 minutes later made his first cast with a standard feeder rig. Nothing could have prepared him for what followed.

The action was instant, and for the next two hours his feeder barely had time to reach the riverbed before his caster hookbait was hoovered up by a seemingly endless string of pristine Trent barbel and chub.

“I’ve never experienced anything like that before. The fish were just ravenous and I more or less caught one a chuck throughout the morning,” Dave told Angling Times.

Unfortunately, Dave was forced to guess the weight of the biggest barbel and chub he took at approximately 11lb and 6lb, respectively, because the batteries in his digital scales had run flat.

But he wasn’t too disappointed because by mid-morning, when he packed up, Dave had banked no fewer than 30 barbel and 10 chub, as well as losing numerous others.

“There was nothing complicated about my tactics at all – all I did was feed a few droppers of bait just downstream and about four rodlengths from the bank,” Dave continued.

“It was a shame that my scales were dead, but how can you be disappointed with a day like that?”