Dream Fishing

Early this year I decided, after reading article after article about the River Wye, to give it a go myself. I regularly fish the Ribble in Preston for barbel and have had some decent results but it can be a fickle water.

I booked on to the Wyebank and Courtfield beat via the Wye and Usk Foundation (I had seen John Wilson and Martin Bowler's dream fishing and used their advice).

I was lucky to book on the day after opening day in June and spent many a restless night waiting to get down there dreaming of a couple of decent fish.

I arrived at my cottage in Monmouth the day before and had a quick visit to the beat, found a couple of good swims and decided to be on early next day.

The big day arrived and I rushed the long suffering wife through breakfast and out to the car. After half-an-hour I was at my chosen peg.

I set up my gear and disaster! I realised that I left my landing net back in the cottage.

Luckily for me a local fisherman arrived as I began to pack up to return for my net. He was brilliant -a typical friendly forester guy, not only did he go home for a net that I could use, but he advised me he had pre baited the swim for a week with plain corn.

He was going to try his luck as he had been on the Mumbles beat and it was full.

I rigged a corn stack on a long hair and cast over to some overhanging trees that he said to try, within a couple of minutes I was in, the fish was powerful and ran for what seemed ages but I turned it and played it to the net, resulting in a PB of 11 lb 6 oz.

As I played the fish a bailiff arrived and took a picture and congratulated me.

The rest of the day resulted in fish after fish, all barbel. I could not believe the quality of the fishing and the generosity of the folk in the area.

The river is immaculate, the surroundings are stunning and the fishing is the best I have ever experienced on a river. As you can see from the pictures I was very happy indeed. I will definitely be back.

Vote for your favourite species and WIN...

Simply tell us your favourite species, and why, and you’ll be in the hat to win loads of gear

As part of our search to discover Angling Times' readers’ favourite species, they’ve teamed up with their experts’ sponsors to give you all the opportunity to win over £2,000 worth of prizes.

Thanks to the generous support of Shimano, ESP (Drennan), Daiwa, Fox International, Preston Innovations, Masterline, Dynamite Baits and Ringer Baits we can offer Gofishing users a choice of four different sets of prizes to best match their style of fishing.

To enter and vote, simply follow the instructions below.

The four different sets of tackle cover specimen carp, stillwater fishing, river fishing and predator angling. Here's what is included within each prize package...



 £200 of Dynamite Baits Terry Hearn Red Fish boilies in 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 26mm, plus matching pop-ups and glugs
 A dark olive-green waterproof hoody – £39.95
 Pair of waterproof salopettes – £79.99
 A tube of PVA – £6.95
 A pair of braid scissors – £3.99
 A packet of marker floats – £4.99
 A 25m spool of 45lb leadcore – £13.25
 A 20m spool of 20lb Strip Teaze – £8.99
 A 20m spool of 15lb Stiff Rig Bristle Filament – £3.70
 Three packets of Stiff Rigger hooks – £3.45 each
 Three packets of Raptor Big-T hooks — £3.70 each
 A signed copy of First Cast by
five-times Drennan Cup winner
Terry Lampard — worth  £30



DAIWA (as used by former British pike record holder Neville Fickling):
 A 6ft 6ins Whisker Jerkbait rod – worth £68.50
 A Tournament Linear-S 5000 BR reel with spare spool – worth £146.80
(as used by predator expert Mick Brown):
 A 12ft 3.25lb Predator Elite rod – worth £119.99
 A Stratos FS 10,000 freespool reel – worth £129.99
 A signed copy of
Out Of The Blue by
best-selling author Chris Yates – worth £14.99



MASTERLINE (as used by TV legend and all-rounder John Wilson):
 An 11ft 1.75lb John Wilson Barbel rod – worth £99.95
 A 13-15ft John Wilson Trotting System rod – worth £149.95
 A signed copy of First Cast by five-times Drennan Cup winner Terry Lampard
– worth £30
 A signed copy of Out Of The Blue by
best-selling author Chris Yates – worth £14.99



FOX (as used by four-times World Champion Bob Nubb):
 A 13ft Fox Match XT Waggler rod – worth £89.99
 A 13ft Fox Match XT Power Float Waggler rod – worth   £99.99
 A Fox Match Carp/Silvers Combo keepnet – worth £60
 A Small Silverfish Landing Net – worth   £11.99
SHIMANO (as used by Steve Ringer and current Drennan Cup winner Darran Goulder):
 Two GTE-C 5000 baitrunners – worth £94.99 each
 A Beastmaster Commercial 9ft-11ft feeder/bomb rod –
worth £104.99
 A Stradic 4000 FC reel – worth £149.99
 Four tubs of shellfish boilies – worth £3.99 each
 Five 1kg bags of Ringer’s Red groundbait – worth £3.99 each
 Nineteen 400g bags of Ringer’s Expander pellets – worth £2.49 each
PRESTON INNOVATIONS (as used by former World Champ Tommy Pickering):
 A 12ft Preston Innovations Excel Super Feeder rod – worth £189
 A Preston Innovations PRX 4000 Match reel – worth £69.99.


How to enter

Follow these simple steps to stand a chance of winning one of four fantastic tackle and bait prizes (detailed above).


Vote for your favourite species at the bottom of this page by clicking on the email link below your favourite species. If you are using Outlook, an email box will pop-up. If you are using another email system, open your email and copy the address that can be found under the fish of your choice, below.


In the email box, type your name, full address and telephone number (so we can contact you if you win!).


Now answer the following question in the email...



Now state, in your email, which of the four different tackle prizes you would really like to win. Full details of each package are listed above.


Click the Send button to cast your vote and enter the competition. Good luck to you all !


Once all your entries are in, four winners will be drawn from the hat and your votes in the hunt for AT readers’ favourite species counted. Then, early in the New Year, Angling Times will be able to declare the identity of the nation’s favourite coarse fish.

Closing date for entries is January 7, 2009.



























Hello all!

Dear Gofishing Users, just to say anyone trying out coarse fishing for the first time shouldn't hesitate in trying it.

It's a brilliant sport with lots of fun and is a great way to relax.

May I also suggest feeder fishing as it brought me loads of success when I tried it this time last year.

It's fun, easy to do and with lots of greats results!!

I love this website and would love to thank everyone who organises the running of this website!

My December carp session

On Sunday 14th December I had a 5hr session at Bathampton Club Lake.

It was a typical Decembers day - very cold.

I was fishing with three mates using very simple tactics - 15lb mainline, 1oz bomb, 5inch 8lb fluoro hooklink with half a hair-rigged pineapple pop-up (Mainline Baits).

I put 3 or 4 broken boilies scattered in my swim every half-hour in a shallow part of the lake where I'd caught from in the summer.

These are the result including a pb 14lb 10 oz minus the one that got away.

Angling's first ghost captured on camera


To many this image may look like a hoax or a camera malfunction, but two anglers claim that this is the picture of a ghost that left them ‘frozen with fear’ during their latest night fishing session.

Malcolm Miller and Alan Buxton were carp fishing at their local Bulcote Farm in Nottingham when Malcolm captured what the duo swear is ‘a soldier with a skeleton’s face clutching a baby’, while taking pictures of the lake.

Both anglers, who have fished the group of gravel pits for over 20 years, admit that prior to capturing the ghostly image they never believed in the supernatural or experienced anything out of the ordinary while fishing the allegedly ‘haunted’ Archer’s Lake.

But now they join a long list of visitors to the venue who have been left terrified by unexplained sightings, noises and ghostly apparitions that have seen groups of grown men flee the lake in the middle of the night before returning the next day to collect their tackle.

“There was absolutely nothing in the frame when the photo was taken, but the next morning we looked at the picture and both of us felt a shiver go up our spines,” said Malcolm.

“We’ve always been aware of a strange, cold, eerie area of Archer’s Lake and fished there many times, but nothing like this has ever happened.

“Four businessmen were fishing here a little while ago and something got them so frightened that they ran back to their cars in the night and didn’t come back till the next morning.”

Despite their scare, Carlton-based Malcolm and Alan, from Netherfield, are refusing to let the experience put them off fishing at Bulcote Farm – but they have admitted that if they do feel an extra chill on their next trip they’ll know it won’t be because of the time of year.

“Neither of us has ever believed in ghosts and we are very cynical about this kind of thing, but we know that this picture is evidence that there’s something at that lake which is beyond explanation,” Malcolm continued.

Catch fish and win great tackle prizes with Gofishing

Here's a fantastic chance to win great fishing tackle prizes and show fellow anglers what you've caught.

It's a forum-based competition that's open to all you coarse, match, sea, game and carp anglers out there.

All you need to do is go out fishing armed with a camera, catch a fish or a bag of fish and tell us all about it.... really simple!

Each month we will be posting a thread in the competition section of our Forum where you can post your fishing story and add your photo. You must add a photo though or your entry won't count.

Tell us about your day, what bait you caught the fish on, what method you used, where you caught it from, what it weighed, the conditions, what you fed - as much information you like.

Each competition will run for a month, and we'll be reading each and every entry as it is posted. And at the end of each month we will pick a winner and send him or her a tackle prize that suits the style of fishing that they do. Coarse anglers will win coarse tackle, trout anglers will win trout tackle, etc.

So, get your camera and bait ready for this weekend and tell us what you've caught.... there's some great kit and it could be yours for simply telling us about your day...

You'll find details of our first competition by clicking HERE.

Good luck, and may your nets bulge, your elastics stretch, your bite alarms buzz and your string be pulled !!

Say goodbye to tubing


Rubbix is a special form of liquid rubber just released by Aquaborne of Austria, which will have countless uses in the carp angling world.
It is supplied in 12ml bottles with a brush applicator. The primary use is to coat knots to eliminate the need for shrink tubing.
Once activated, the rubber goes rock hard. To do this you hold the coated knot in sunlight or any UV light source for 20 seconds, and then leave it to dry for about two minutes. If you don’t have access to UV light it takes approximately 30 minutes to dry.
When it is set, the rubber remains flexible and the big advantage over shrink tubing and tail rubbers is that it doesn’t break and split. Other applications include replacing anti-tangle sleeves, making helicopter rigs or even to fix the hook on a drop shot rig.
At present, you cannot get hold of this product in the UK but the firm is looking to make business contacts in the UK. Anyone looking to get in touch with the company should email office@aquaborne.at.

Controversial move to beat thefts


A passionate fishery boss has this week taken the radical step of banning all foreigners from fishing his venue in a bid to protect his stocks.

Businessman Tony Booth has seen his Trentside Fishery, in North Lincs, hit hard by Eastern European poachers and has now controversially opted to forbid all non-nationals from angling at his three lakes.

Tony, from Grimsby, has owned the rural complex for five years, and decided to introduce the drastic measure after a string of incidents.

He explained: “I used to let foreigners fish here, but then caught them trying to steal my stock after landing them. I have also nabbed at least 20 different groups blatantly trying to poach the lakes, and have found numerous set lines.

“Once, I came across a load of dead bream and perch which had just been thrown in a bush. As a result, I have decided to ban all foreigners. It is my water, they are my fish and I’ll do what I like. If they don’t like it, tough!”

Tony is a firm believer that many other fishery bosses throughout the country are itching to follow his stance, but feels one key element is stopping them from doing so.

“It is all about money. A lot of fishery owners are too greedy. The rivers get poached because you can’t have someone there permanently, but fish theft issues on commercial waters could be eradicated if bosses forget about their takings and implement the same rule as I have,” he added.

Local anglers have already flung their support behind the popular venue owner, with regular Trentside visitor Kev Wells telling Angling Times: “I completely agree with Tony’s decision. People who are not from this country have been stealing fish and ruining it for everyone else. If this ruling hadn’t been brought in, then things could have got much worse because most Eastern Europeans eat even more carp at Christmas.”

Despite the warm reception from locals, other parties have begun to question the legality of the ban.

A spokesperson for the Equality and Human Rights Commission told Angling
Times: “The Race Relations Act applies to anyone providing goods, facilities or services to the public. It is unlawful to be refused a service, or not to be given the same standard of service extended to others, on grounds of race.
“If a member of the public feels they have been discriminated against, they can contact our helpline for advice and assistance.”

Free bait offer exclusive to Gofishing users

On-line tackle giants Fishing Warehouse has teamed up with Cotswold Bait Company to offer Angling Times readers two super deals on top quality bait in the run up to Christmas.

On offer is a kilo of Cotswold’s popular boilies for the carp angler, and a mix of feed and hook pellets, paste and brown crumb for the commercial carp man.

All you have to do to be eligible for this offer is spend £50 or more at Fishing Warehouse before December 31 2008. Simply use the code CBOMATCH or CBOCARP1 to take advantage of this offer.

Here’s what you get free from each deal:

Carp: 1/2kg of Cotswold Baits' 14mm UFO boilies and 1/2 kg of T2 14mm Boilies (total value £11.98)

Commercial carp match: 1kg Cotswold Baits' High Quality Feed Pellets, 1kg Brown Crumb, a tub of paste and a tub of soft hooker pellets (total value £9.99).

To bag one of these outstanding deals, visit Fishing Warehouse’s website at www.fishingwarehouseshop.co.uk

Lookout for details of more great offers from the Fishing Warehouse next week.

New Daiwa rollers out


Two new pole rollers from Daiwa have just been released into tackle shops.
Both have V-shaped roller heads made from a firm, yet soft, material. In the apex between the angled main rollers there is a unique double roller. This distributes the weight of your pole more evenly and offers more support.
The difference between the two rollers available is the tripods. With the more expensive Tournament model (pictured), all the telescopic legs are independently adjustable. This will come in really handy on awkward banks.
It also features a device which allows you to alter the angle of the head.
Daiwa’s TD Big V Double roller features an adjustable tripod, but you cannot spread the legs out. This makes it more suitable to commercial fisheries where the banks are flat.
The Team Daiwa Big V Double Roller sells for £49.99 and the Tournament Super V Double Pole Roller sells for £79.99.

Maggot price war breaks out


Prices slashed to just 99p for one pint

Signs that the credit crunch is filtering through to the tackle shops emerged this week after some outlets slashed the cost of a pint of maggots to just £1 in a move that could spark a petrol-like price war.

Findings from a nationwide Angling Times investigation showed that while fishing shops in Hull were able to boast the cheapest maggots in the country, some in and around London were still charging as much as £3.50.

Danny Elm, owner of Anglers Corner, in Hessle Road, Hull, has reduced the price of a pint of grubs to just 99p in light of the financial crisis and because he has been undercut himself by competitors.

He said: “It all started when one shop here started getting maggots cheaper from a bait farm because they helped them out when they were in financial difficulty. I used to charge £1.80 per pint, but came back from holiday to find two neighbouring shops charging £1. I started losing customers, so I cut my own prices to 50p for a few weeks.

“I’m paying more for maggots than I’m selling them for. It’s all got a bit ridiculous. It needs to be resolved as it’s not helping the tackle shop trade here, although customers are benefiting.”

Gerry’s of Wimbledon, in Greater London, charges £3.50 per pint of maggots, and shop manager Clive Doughty said that the price reflects the quality of bait.
“People don’t realise the work involved in getting hold of good bait, cleaning it and keeping it, 365 days a year. We would never get involved in price wars or go down as low as £1 per pint because our customers know that they can get excellent bait here,” he said.

Roger Clifford, of Eurobait Ltd, the UK’s largest breeder and supplier of maggots, claims that such price wars can occur at this time of year when many maggot breeders find they have overproduced.

“This excess bait is dumped into the shops as it’s cheaper than paying for its disposal, hence the low price. I don’t think charging £1 per pint is sustainable.
“The average retail price of around £2.50 per pint is probably at the lower level of sustainability. The retailers  have their own costs and these are obviously regional, hence the North/South price differentials,” said Roger.

Wyreside Lakes correction

In this weeks Angling Times (09/12/08 edition), we incorrectly reported that Wyreside Fisheries near Lancaster was up for sale.
In fact it is the Wyreside Fisheries in St Michael's on Wyre that is currently up for sale.
Wyreside Lakes Fisheries near Lancaster, which is home to the popular and prolific Bantons and Sunnyside waters, continues to operate as usual and Angling Times would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by this error.
For more details on the Lancaster based complex visit www.wyresidelakes.co.uk or call the fishery direct on 01524 792093.

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No more filthy hands


There’s nothing worse than wet, mud-caked hands in winter, and while most anglers will have a mouldy old beer towel in the bottom of their carryalls, they often prove next to useless when you need them most! Shimano’s Fleece Towel is the perfect answer, made of double-layered 100 per cent polyester and being extremely fast drying.
The towel will be ideal for making up PVA bags on the bank when wet hands are a no-no, or for keeping hands free of groundbait and mud, which always finds its way on to pole sections and rod handles.
Available in four sizes, M, L, XL and XXL.
Price: £6.99

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Suitable for year-round use, this warming and comfortable Daiwa fleece can be yours courtesy of Improve Your Coarse Fishing.

It has lined shoulders and interior to ensure that your holdall and carryall straps don't dig in when they are being carried, plus two zip-up pockets on the outside and another inside. Of course, it's made using the eye-catching Daiwa colours.

They are available in medium, large, XL and XXL - the choice is yours as to whether you want one for yourself, or you would rather give it as a present.

To get your free fleece simply take out a subscription to Improve Your Coarse Fishing before 31st January 2009.

Improve Your Coarse Fishing magazine is Britain's best-selling angling magazine, offering top tactics, tackel and information to help you become a much better angler.

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The best 40 quid reel ever made?


Daiwa celebrates half century with new reels

It has the looks of a reel with a three-figure price tag, and some of Daiwa’s flagship technology built in.

So you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d be looking to spend the best part of 100 quid to get your hands on this new Daiwa RSi front drag reel.

Not so, this smart-looking reel has a price tag of just £39.99, and for that you’re getting a little piece of history too.

To celebrate its 50th Anniversary, Daiwa has launched a series of commemorative items of tackle, including a trio of carp/big feeder/specimen reels.

Each reel is marked with a logo to celebrate the milestone, but they aren’t just a gimmick, give the handle a spin and you’ll be equally impressed with their performance too.

Boasting Daiwa’s AirBail, normally found on its flagship reels, plus three ball-bearings, ABS system, Twist Buster line roller and various other refinements, you’re getting a reel which belies it’s price.

Daiwa’s Stephen McCaveny told Angling Times: “To celebrate our 50th year Daiwa wanted to make a gesture to the anglers who have put their faith in our tackle over the years. The result is a series of commemorative products, limited edition models, and some incredible deals. The RSi family really are amazing value with super performance too.”

There are three different sized reels in the range – RS2500i, RS3500i, and RS4000i – to cater for match, feeder, carp and specimen anglers, and each comes with a spare spool as standard.



Capacity: 155m of 8lb
Gear ratio: 4.9.1
Ball-bearings: Three
Price: £39.99

Capacity: 220m of 10lb
Gear ratio: 4.9.1
Ball-bearings: Three
Price: £39.99

Capacity: 240m of 12lb
Gear ratio: 4.9.1
Ball-bearings: Three
Price: £39.99

The alarms we couldn't kill


Don’t be fooled by the miniscule size of this alarm – it’s one tough customer.
Extremely rugged and constructed from high-impact ABS, it is said to withstand being totally immersed in water…or frozen.

As our pictures show, we put this bold claim to the test and froze the alarm on two separate occasions – after leaving it on a lake bed for a day and then dropping it on to rocks.

The result? Nothing – it still worked every time we had a run from a fish.
The invention of Romford-based carp anglers Darren Henwood and Tom Wright, of Advanced Technology Tackle, the ATTs V2 alarms are the result of two years of meticulous development.

And the finished product may shock some anglers as these tiny, matt black alarms don’t feature any knobs, buttons, switches, dials or speakers either.

“Following endless talks and consultation with many anglers of all levels, ability and experience, it became apparent that there was a need for a small, tough, 100 per cent waterproof indicator without all the knobs and buttons and functions that were rarely, if ever, used,” revealed Darren.

Part of the waterproof aspect comes from the fact that the alarm head has no internal speaker system, so there is no sound emitted from the head.

All bite indication sound comes from the receiver unit and not from the alarm head.
Here’s a closer look at the complete system, which is distributed by Gardner Tackle.

ATTs V2 Alarm Head

One of the first things you will notice about the rubberised finished alarm head is its size.

It’s not only very petite and would easily fit into just the palm of your hand, but it also weighs in at mere ounces - and that includes the battery.

But, as the head unit has no external switches how do you turn it on and off ?
Well another key feature of the ATT’s head system is something called an Intelligent Hard Cover.

Quite simple and ingenious, you place the Intelligent Hard Cover over the alarm head and it disables the battery putting the alarm into its off mode.

To re-activate the alarm head unit, just take off the cover and you’re ready to fish.

ATT V2 Receiver

The concept is that the V2 Alarm incorporates a remote speaker that is married up with the V2 receiver that provides you with your indication.

The outer casing of the V2 receiver is made from the same high impact ABS material as the alarm heads, and can operate up to five V2 alarm heads.

It features five, 30-second latching standard coloured LEDs in red, green, white, yellow and purple, and incorporated within the receiver unit are several highly unique characteristics such as Total Recall which alerts the angler to previous activation.

Other key features include 10 user-selective tones varying from high to low, and an adjustable volume and vibration mode usage.

Car security too!

If you think that lot is impressive, then prepare to be amazed because the receiver has also been developed to function as a vehicle security system that can be operated at the same time as the alarms are in use when fishing.

This comprises a Pager Transmitter that can be installed into the vehicle and is triggered by the opening of any of the doors, sending a signal directly to the receiver.

Upon activation, all the LED lights flash continuously and the unit emits a siren sound.

In addition to Pager Transmitter, there is also an Ultrasonic Detector device designed to detect air movement inside the vehicle, such as movement caused by a broken window.

The pager Transmitter is the key component in the security system and you have to have this fitted in order for the Ultrasonic detector to work.

Win! £3,000 of Middy clothing up for grabs

Enter now - 17 chances to win in our exclusive competition!

THIS is your change to win a share of nearly £3,000 worth of gear from Middy’s new clothing ranges.
In a special deal with the Derbyshire-based firm, Angling Times has got 17 complete sets of their new Match Team clothing to be won including their superb three-quarter length Match Jacket, matching fleece, and waterproof Bib ‘n’ Brace.
Worth £189.99 a set, the Match Team gear has been designed to keep you warm and dry whatever the weather throws at you – wind, rain, sleet, or snow – even if they all come in the same day!
Each item incorporates a whole host of top features as demanded by Middy’s full time angling consultants for winter fishing. And, following vigorous on the bank testing, the final products represent not only sheer quality, but functionality, protection, and unbeatable value too.
It’s already been tested by Angling Times’ tackle team who rate it highly.
AT’s Mark Sawyer said: “Unlike some clothing range which tend to be bulky, but not warm, the lightweight Middy Match Team Clothing ticks all the boxes. It’s warm, waterproof, packed with features and will last you years.”
• For more info on the Middy Match Team range, and thousands of other items of tackle, visit www.middytackle.com, or see your local tackle shop.

Match Team Waterproof Jacket

A three quarter length jacket designed to cover and keep your back dry when sitting on a seatbox, the Match Team Jacket is 100 per cent waterproof with a water repellent fabric that’s durable too.
It boasts adjustable, fold away hood, storm cuffs, and waist cords for the perfect fit, plus taped seams, heavy duty zips, and storm flap zip covers with velcro and press stud closure.
There are a total of five pockets in the jacket – three external storm flapped, zipped pockets, a concealed security/valuables pocket, and an internal pocket too.
On milder days you can wear the Jacket on it’s own, but for extremely low temperatures you can quickly zip in and incorporate the Team Fleece for extra warmth. New for 2009.
RRP £79.99

Match Team Fleece Jacket

NEW for 2009 this warm fleece jacket is styled on modern fleeces used for walking and hill climbing.
Lightweight, but super warm, the jacket can be worn on its own or zipped inside the Match Team jacket on really cold days.
Features a high neck fleece collar, two zipped front pockets, heavy duty front zip, and adjustable waist cords.
RRP £39.99

Match Team Waterproof Bib ‘n’ Brace

A totally waterproof Bib ‘n’ Brace that works perfectly with the matching Match Team jacket and fleece.
Elasticated waist and adjustable shoulder strap for the perfect fit, it also features a warm fleece lining to keep your back toastie, plus three external pockets and storm flap covered front zip.
Opening lower legs make it easy to fit over wellies or boots too. New for 2009.
RRP £69.99



All you need to do to enter this superb competition is email your answer to the question below to gofishing.news@bauerconsumer.co.uk, along with your name and address, plus the size of suit you’d like if you win. Suit sizes come in:

YOUTH (30 to 36ins)
MEDIUM (35 to 40ins)
LARGE (40 to 45ins)
XLARGE (45 to 50ins)
XXLARGE (50 to 55ins)

Closing date for all entries is Tuesday December 23 2008. Winners will be announced in the new year.



Q: How many pockets has the Middy Match Team three-quarter length jacket got?
A: Three
B: Four
C: Five