Fishing Near Me | The best rivers in the midlands to catch a big chub!

Want to catch big chub in the midlands? Then check out this list of the best rivers near you to go and catch a big chub this weekend! 


River Gt. Ouse, Radwell, Bedfordshire

This picturesque tree lined section is ideal for the roving approach, perhaps best described as a stalkers paradise. The fishing here is by no means easy, being a long stretch with so many features location can prove tricky, but once found they are catchable, pre baiting is often a paying tactic. This extra effort is certainly worth the reward though, with the chub of a lifetime on the cards! The club also run a section at Kempton which is producing lots of chub over 6lb!

Prices: Until end of season, Adult £25, senior £15

Contact: Vauxhall Angling Club, 07506 378748

River Ivel, Biggleswade Common, Bedfordshire

A small streamy section once famed for its barbel, but since their decline in recent years the chub have taken the limelight with fish to over 7lb now being caught. The bigger fish along this stretch tend to be caught from the deeper sections. The Ivel Protection Association own the fishing rights, and access is gained by affiliating with a member club. 

Prices: Varies depending on club, see website for details

Contact: Manor Farm Fishing, 01767 317835


River Wensum, Norfolk

Many anglers will have grown up watching John Wilson fishing this very river for its resident chub, which still inhabit the waterway. There are some free stretches here, notably Hellesdon Mill which holds good numbers of chub, areas upstream at Ringland and further afield at Lyng can hold fewer fish, but specimens well into the 6lb bracket. Best advice is to speak to the local tackle shops.

Prices: Free fishing

Contact: Wensum Valley Tackle, 01603 929090

River Nene, Castor, Cambs

This meandering back channel is a stalkers dream! A single rod rule makes it perfectly suited to a roving approach, seeking out every possible likely looking spot on the 1km stretch. It’s advised to use a small amount of bait fishing for a bite at a time, there is a couple of swims however where a swim could be built with trotting tactics. The chub are here in good numbers, with specimens to 6lb-plus.

Prices: £5 per day, £30 per year, available on the bank

Peterborough DAA, 07702440892


River Severn, Bridgnorth, Shropshire      

The Middle Severn at Hampton Loade is a renowned spot for chub over the winter months, when the resident barbel aren’t so active! The stretch is perfect for both float or feeder fishing, try trotting flake under overhanging trees and into deeper holes for best results. It fishes best with an extra foot or two of water, and don’t ignore the inside margin as plenty of fish hold here.

Prices: £5 on the bank

Contact: 01746 769038 or 07861239335


River Wye, Kings Caple, Hereford

Aramstone Fishery boasts a two mile section of this beautiful river, which like all of the Wye is full of chub! Location at this time of year is paramount, once found they are catchable in good numbers. Feeder fishing is the most popular tactic, although some anglers do present baits on trotting methods. Fishing must be booked in advance with owner Stan.

Prices: £15 per day for two rods

Contact: Stan on 01432840426 or 07899903744