#CATCH 22 Challenge 2019



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2) pick your target fish 

You can catch the 22 target fish in any order you wish and in your own time. You’ll find that some will be easy, others more difficult - but all of them will be great fun!

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Catching all 22 target fish will be a challenge and you’ll need help - check out Angling Times’ weekly tips, tactics, rig advice, and bankside skills in print and online to help you

How it works

We’ve created a list of 22 target fish we want you to catch this season with old favourites including roach, carp, and bream, a few trickier ones like dace, rudd, barbel, and some real tough ones which will really test your skills.

Catch all 22 fish and you’ll definitely be able to call yourself a true, all round angler!

Take some pics!

We’d love to see your Catch22 fish pics – it doesn’t matter how big or small they are, just send them in! Email your pics to catch22fish@anglingtimes.co.uk and we’ll get them in the magazine.

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If you’re on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - then post your catch pictures using the hashtag #CATCH22FISH and we’ll help you show them off to the whole world!

Beat the celebs!

Throughout the year we’ll be following some of the biggest names in fishing as they take part in our challenge to catch all 22 fish. Plus, our own Angling Times team will be out on the bank in search of the magical 22 this season – can you catch them all before we do?