Nash Royston Wood Lake

Nash Royston Wood Lake

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Here's our lake and swim map, plus tactics guide, to Wood Lake on the Nash Royston complex on the Hertfordshire/Cambridgeshire border...

Kingfisher Lake, Nash Lakes Royston, off the A10, Royston, Hertfordshire, SG8 6RA | Web: | Tel: 01702 233811

We say...

Wood Lake is the deeper of the two waters on the Nash Lakes Royston site and is packed with features.

There are 16 swims in just under five acres and 200 stocked fish have been added to an unknown number of originals.

The originals have been caught to 25lb and the stocked fish to over 30lb, but sightings of bigger ones have been reported.

This is an excellent close-quarters water with deep margins and plenty of cover.

Venue expert Matt Rhodes says...

Wood Lake has more features than Kingfisherwith depths of up to 30ft and shallows of 3ft.

There are plenty of carp and they don't all stick together. The fish move around a lot in there.

You can be confident following them around but you can also be confident in sitting and waiting until the fish find you.

In the warmer months you'll find that the fish will visit the margins and shallow features more frequently, and these areas will consistently do fish.

Looking for firm drops on the lead is a go-to method although as it gets colder it's better to go towards the softer contours.

The fish move off the chalk/clay spots as the water gets colder so finding nice-smelling silty areas in the winter can be the only change in approach you'll need.


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£25 five-year membership needed to buy day tickets

Midweek March-November = £25 for 24 hours

Weekends March-November = £30 for 24 hours

Midweek December-February = £15 for 24 hours

Weekends December-February = £20 for 24 hours

Bookings run from 9am. Anglers are allowed to walk the venue from 7am

On-site toilets


Barbless hooks only and no bent/crank hooks

12lb minimum mainline and 15lb minimum hooklinks

No braided mainline

No nuts as loosefeed

Particles must be properly prepared and used in moderation

Full rules available on Nash Lakes website

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