Hordle Bob’s Lake

Hordle Bob's Lake

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Hordle Lakes, Hordle, Hampshire, SO33 3SS | Tel: 01773 395106 | Web::a [www.hordlelakes.co.uk]{href='http://www.hordlelakes.co.uk/' target='_blank' rel='noreferrer noopener'}

We say...

Year-round action is what you can expect in this corner of Hampshire, nestled up against the New Forest.

Bob's Lake is the main specimen water at this seven-lake complex and it's full of decent carp. There are two known 30-pounders here (a common and a mirror) plus another mirror that has topped that weight before and now hovers around 28lb.

The lake is just over two acres and contains about 20 swims. In Summer, night fishing needs to be booked to guarantee a peg.

There are bream and other silverfish present, so adjust your tactics accordingly if you wish to avoid them.

Venue boss Jim Seeds says...

"We're not entirely sure how many fish are in the lake, but it's lots! It's a good 'runs water' and multiple catches are possible all year round. As an example, we had Tom Maker here one January and he banked 18 carp to 19lb in a single-night session.

"In summer if it switches on then people can catch lots of fish and lots of twenties. The main baits that work well are CC Moore's Live System and Sticky Krill boilies. In fact, a few people have been switching to Krill boilies because they work so well.

"The main tactics are boilies or method feeders and the areas that do very well are the margins and the mid channel of the lake.

"In summer the island margins fish very well as they are slightly shallower than everywhere else. These areas can still produced in winter, too."


Hordle's Rich Seeds with a Bob's Lake double1 of 5

Hordle's Rich Seeds with a Bob's Lake double

A typical mirror2 of 5

A typical mirror

The margins are well worth a look 3 of 5

The margins are well worth a look

A Bob's mirror nears the net4 of 5

A Bob's mirror nears the net

Stalking opportunities abound5 of 5

Stalking opportunities abound


£20 for 24 hours (two rods)

£10 a day

Tackle shop on site


Barbless hooks only (max size 6)

No bait boats

No leadcore, fixed rigs or braided mainline

All under 12s to be accompanied

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