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The science behind getting the best out of a lake has evolved in recent years.

A lull in sport would make some venue owners think about adding more fish, but it has now been proved that removing some of the stock can actually work far better.

That is exactly what has happened at Fosse Way Fisheries in Warwickshire, where Lake One has been in scintillating form since a netting operation early in the year.

Successful breeding had left the lake with a large head of hand-sized carp, reducing space for the bigger residents. The small fish have all been taken out and relocated, leaving the water with a healthy head of 7lb-25lb mirrors, commons and grassies that have responded well to the move. And, the sport enjoyed by visitors has hit new heights, with personal bests tumbling regularly since the reduction in stocks.

How to fish it

After months of having to fish with single baits, or over tiny quantities of loosefeed, you’ll find the fish have now really switched on to feeding. Their increased activity has added colour to the water, and bright boilies packed with plenty of scent will help the fish to locate your bait.

Try using three rods to explore different areas of your swim, putting a couple of Spombs of crushed boilies and pellets in at the start. Top up with another couple after each fish, popping your hookbait up a few inches off the deck to help it stand out better. Use 15lb mainline and a 12lb hooklength with a size 6 or 8 hook to help you land anything that you may encounter!

A Fosse Way Fishery carp from Lake One.
A Fosse Way Fishery carp from Lake One.

Double swim

Peg 1 is closest to the car park and can accommodate two bivvies, making it perfect for those that want to have a ‘social’ session with a friend. This is located at the shallowest end of the lake, making it a real hotspot at this time of year. Fishing down both the left and right-hand banking as you look up the lake will put you in shallow water, where the carp are happy to be, especially late on in the day. Casting to the edge of the boundary of the swim into open water is very effective when the lake is busy and the carp have backed away from the margins due to the increased pressure.

Explore open water

Pegs 2 and 7 may appear to be the most featureless of the seven swims on offer, but they shouldn’t ever be written off.

The carp are regularly on the move, changing where they sit depending on wind direction. Lay down a bed of bait in a couple of areas and, when fish pass through, they’re likely to become preoccupied with your bait and stay put. Always top up the bed of bait after banking a fish to make sure that there will be plenty of food there for when the next one arrives.

Lake one is a very picturesque venue.
Lake one is a very picturesque venue.

Island hotspots

Pegs 3 and 6 are a popular choice with visitors because of the island that they have in front of them. Baiting up close to the feature will soon draw the carp in, especially at this time of year.

Don’t be tempted into just targeting the island from these swims, though, as the open water halfway across to it is just as effective at times. You’ll find 5ft-7ft of water here, and fishing on the bottom with bright orange or yellow boilies that have been glugged in a pungent liquid will usually get a quick response.

Boilies are a great bait to use at Fosse Way Fishery.
Boilies are a great bait to use at Fosse Way Fishery.

Venue factfile

Location::a[Fosse Way Fisheries]{href='' }, Moreton Morrell Lane, Lighthorne, Warks, CV35 0AR

Contact: 07749 412846

Prices: Day tickets £10, £12.50 two rods, nights £12.50 and £14.50, 24hrs £20 and £24.

Rules: Minimum of 10lb mainline and size 8 hooks, no fixed rigs, landing nets must be at least 42ins.

Facilities: Parking, disabled access, toilets, and a café

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