Drayton Reservoir

Drayton Reservoir

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Lake map, tactics guide and hotspots to explore at Drayton Reservoir day-ticket water in Northamptonshire

Drayton Reservoir, off Ashby Road, Daventry, Northamptonshire, NN11 0SG (use road name for sat nav) | Web: www.fisheries.co.uk/drayton | Tel: 07889 532563

We say...

Arguably Britain's most prolific carp water, Drayton Reservoir offers the chance of non-stop action in all weathers.

Once a match venue, the huge stock of fish have outgrown pole and waggler tactics and the water is now dominated by specimen anglers.

Notoriously hard-fighting, most of the fish in the reservoir are in double figures, with twenties a real possibility.

The fish are not shy at showing themselves and can be easily spotted in the upper layers during warmer weather. The lake is popular, but with more than 100 pegs there is space for everyone.

If you're new to carp fishing, or in need of some action, then Drayton really is a great place to sharpen your skills.

*Almost all of the pegs are wooden platforms so bring a pod or stage stands to support your rods*

Venue expert Kev Hewitt says...

"The carp in Drayton are hungry fish and they love a bit of bait. Never neglect zig rigs with a sloppy spod mix over the top. I've found three-quarter depth tends to be the best starting point, and yellow baits always seem to go well.

"A nice sloppy spod mix to cloud up the water is ideal - I use Hinders Nutz Sludge as the base for the mix.

"If the weather isn't ideal for zigs then the method feeder and solid bags work well."

Bailiff Mark Ryder says...

"Bait doesn't have to be expensive and you can fish on a budget at Drayton. A lot of the guys are using porridge oats, hemp and corn in their sloppy spod mixes or, if they're fishing on the bottom, then just hemp and corn.

"In the warmer months the fish are up in the water, so zigs and surface baits do well. Floating pellets seem to be very popular in the summer.

"As the fish are getting bigger the lake is becoming more weather dominated and the fish do get about, so pay attention to the forecast and look for fish."


Multiple hits are common1 of 5

Multiple hits are common

Drayton is a favourite on the carp-match circuit2 of 5

Drayton is a favourite on the carp-match circuit

The fish are catchable all year round3 of 5

The fish are catchable all year round

Platform pegs4 of 5

Platform pegs

The Boards (renovated since this pic was taken)5 of 5

The Boards (renovated since this pic was taken)


£12 for two rods per day

£25 for 24 hours

Junior and OAP concessions available


Night fishing is allowed but the gates are locked at night

Opening times depend on daylight hours (call to check)

Some swims can be booked for night fishing

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