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You’ll probably spend hours on end reading reviews if you are in the market for a new rod and reel – but have you stopped to consider how the pair will actually work together?

Use a reel that is too big on a short rod and the set-up will be unbalanced. The same applies if you do the opposite.

Dynamite Baits and MAP-backed Andy May knows full well that using the right combo is vital, and this week he reveals his top tips for pairing fishing rods and reels.

9ft rod – 2500 size reel

“There are a growing number of commercials where you need to fish just beyond the pole line, and this is the ideal set-up in such scenarios.

“You may want to fish up against an island or into slightly deeper water, and as long as it is within 25m, you only need a short rod and a small reel to achieve that distance.

“Float rods aren’t made this short, so this is only for feeder fishing and can be used with either the Method or bomb.”

10ft rod – 3000 size reel

“This is probably the most common set-up on commercials as it can cover literally every water that you’re likely to visit.

“It is ideal if you are chucking up to 40 yards, and on most venues you won’t have to go out any further than this.

“There are lots of pellet waggler rods out there that will suit this, as well as stacks of feeder rods that can be used to great effect for the Method or bomb.”

11ft rod – 3000 size reel

“If you are fishing a water where you need to chuck up to around 50 yards then I will have this combination.

“It is ideal for fishing a Method feeder or bomb in open water, and also a real winner when you are chucking the pellet waggler a little further than usual.

“Always pick a rod with a soft tip when fishing the waggler, as this will help prevent hook-pulls whenever the fish makes a sudden lunge for freedom.”

12ft rod – 4000 size reel

“At venues such as Barston Lake and Boddington Reservoir, where a big cast is needed to reach the fish, you need a set-up capable of making a big chuck.

“A big feeder such as a 45g Method can be used in this instance, and you will be able to reach distances of over 60 yards with relative ease.

“The fairly big reel will also have plenty of cranking power to help you retrieve the feeder quickly from that distance.”

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