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The weather’s warming up and the fish are on the feed, so here’s what you need to know to take advantage...

Spring Fishing Tips - The Insurance Emporium

by Angling Times |

WITH the weather finally warming up after what seems like an endless winter, it’s time to get out there and put some spring fish on the bank.

One thing’s for sure – the fish are waking up, with countless big catches made over the past couple of weeks. It hasn’t just been big nets of fish either – there’s also been a string of specimen fish landed, with some clonking roach, perch, barbel, chub and carp all hitting the bank.

Along with some useful tips to help you catch a few more fish, we’ve spoken to The Insurance Emporium about fishing in spring, and what to consider before heading out on the bank. We’ve also got advice on keeping your cherished tackle safe by picking the right insurance policy to cover it.

That means that instead of worrying about keeping your tackle secure, you can concentrate on the real task at hand this spring – catching the fish or net of a lifetime and kicking off the new season in real style.

Start off fishing long

Noise from setting up at the start will push fish further out into the lake so it’s a wise move to begin fishing long but at a comfortable distance – that may be between 11m to 13m on the pole or around 20m on the waggler or feeder.

If you pick the pole, have a look around with a plummet to see if there’s any variation in depth in the peg, because a deeper hole or a shallower plateau can be great fishholding spots.

Start off fishing long
Start off fishing long

Come short late

As the afternoon wears on, fish will slowly begin to move closer to the bank and by having a line around 5m or 6m out, you can be ready and waiting for them.

This spot is where the marginal slope meets the main depth of the lake, so try and find exactly where the depth flattens out and then fish 1ft past this, so you’re fishing on a totally flat bottom.

Targeting here will pick off carp that are beginning to move into the margins late in the day, with the last few hours of the session a prime time to concentrate your efforts here.

Keep on feeding

Little-and-often are the watchwords when it comes to feeding on the float, so keep busy and keep firing out a little bait.

We’re only talking about half-a-dozen pellets or pieces of corn at a time. The idea is that the noise of the bait landing and then falling through the water will draw fish in, but feeding one big hit results in more of a waiting game for bites.

Give the fish a break

Resting swims is always a good idea and as little as 10 minutes break can be enough for the fish to regain confidence and move back in when the bites have dried up.

Before you come off a line though, feed again so you know that some bait is there.

Cast around

You may get a good run of fish at the start of the day by casting the feeder or waggler to one spot, but chances are this won’t last.

When the bites stop, it may be that the fish have simply backed away a little, so cast further out (a metre is a good starting point) or off to one side and see what happens.

Get some bait in!

On the feeder, make several quick casts with a bigger feeder at the start to get some feed in the swim.

This draws fish into the area, but once you begin getting bites, change to a smaller feeder and cast less regularly, say every 10 minutes.

There’s no need to keep lots of bait going in as the fish have arrived!

Get some bait in!
Get some bait in!

Fish through the water

Water temperatures are warming, and sun will make a difference to how far off bottom fish will feed.

Make sure your pole or waggler rigs are shotted to allow the hookbait to fall gradually through the water so fish off the bottom can see and take it.

A simple shotting pattern of a few No9 shots spaced apart on the waggler down the line or a bulk of shot a few inches apart in the bottom half of a pole rig is perfect.

Kitchen cupboard baits

Your local tackle shop may be closed or too far away to justify travelling there, so what to do when you can’t get your hands on maggots or pellets?

Chances are your cupboards in the kitchen, or the local shop will have the answer.

Sweetcorn, luncheon meat and bread are all great for the hook or feed and if you have a compost heap in the garden, it may just yield a rich harvest of worms.

Kitchen cupboard baits
Kitchen cupboard baits

Keep it local

A key factor to angling being allowed through lockdown is not travelling long distances to fish.

It’s best to stick a little closer to home, perhaps fishing that lake you’ve driven past a hundred times but never got around to fishing – who knows, it may just be an untapped goldmine right on your doorstep?

Follow the guidelines

We all know the score here. You’re only allowed to exercise once a day with one other person outside of your household, staying at least 2m apart at all times and without sharing a vehicle to get to your venue.

The best bet is to go it alone, avoid the crowds and remember to wash your hands at all times and have a face covering with you.

Is your tackle insurance affected?

At The Insurance Emporium, it’s still offering the same level of cover as before for your kit.

There are some things which might affect your insurance though - like most insurers, it doesn’t offer cover for any claim as a result of any notifiable disease, such as COVID-19, so if you lose club membership or match entry fees due to COVID-19, these might not be covered.

It is, however, still providing cover for club membership fees and match entry fees in other scenarios, so make sure you check your most recent policy documents or call your insurer if you’re unsure.

Like most insurance policies, with The Insurance Emporium, you won’t be covered if you’re breaking the law.

If you’re told by the police to stop fishing and return home, you might not be covered for loss, theft or damage of your gear.


The Insurance Emporium offers the same level of cover as before the pandemic. For new and existing customers alike, your Fishing Insurance will still be valid, and your cover will remain as stated in your most recent policy wording.

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