How to ‘mug’ carp on commercials

Ryan Bennett explains his approach to 'mugging', a deadly summer tactic

How to 'mug' carp on commercials

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Mugging carp on commercials isn't as easy as it sounds. Shipping in and out and being prepared to have one drop-in at 8m out and the next one at 14m is hard work. You have to be prepared to go to the fish, rather than make them come to you, so you’re always scanning the surface and, when you see a carp, shipping out quickly to where it is.

Mugging carp on commercials isn't as easy as it sounds
Mugging carp on commercials isn't as easy as it sounds

One thing that makes a big difference to how quickly I catch is placing the rig at the right angle to the fish. Rather than dropping it in front of a fish swimming along, I pop it in around 12ins off to one side, relying on the noise of the pellet hookbait and float to make the fish turn and come and investigate.

Here's an example of the rig I use...

Mugging rig
Mugging rig

Mainline - 0.18mm Silstar Match Team

Float - 4x10 KC Carpa 2 with an inch of the stem cut off

Shotting - Two No10 shot under the float

Hooklength - 6ins of 0.16mm Silstar Match Team

Hook - Size 16 Kamasan B911 X-Strong

Depth - 14ins, but change this regularly if you’re not catching

Hookbait - 6mm Robin Red pellet

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