How to fish the lift method for tench

An all-time tench classic

How to fish the lift method for tench

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If one rig is synonymous with tench fishing, it’s the lift method. The main principle of the tactic is that the float – attached at the base with a float rubber – is cocked using twice as much split shot as the float’s stated weight rating.

The shot should be squeezed on to the line 4ins from the hook and will sit on the lakebed. When a tench picks up the bait and the shot is lifted, the now unweighted and buoyant float will lift up out of the water before laying flat or sliding beneath the surface. It’s then time to strike!

How it works...

The float is cast with a gentle underarm lob and the mainline tightened down to the weight until the float is cocked correctly.

When a fish takes the bait, the short ‘hooklink’ ensures that the bottom weight is moved, causing the float to lift up in the water.

At this point the float may rise up sharply, before momentarily laying flat on the surface.

Normally, this is followed by it diving sharply away under the water. This is the time to strike!

The lift method
The lift method

The tackle you need...

✔ 4ins-12ins straight waggler

✔ Float rubber

✔ 6lb mainline

✔ Size 12-16 hooks

✔ Split shot


It’s vital to use a straight waggler to fish the lift method. The float should be attached bottom end only with a float rubber, and not locking shot or float stops.

It’s vital to use a straight waggler
It’s vital to use a straight waggler
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