How long should you leave zig rigs out for?

Billy Flowers shares his thoughts on zig fishing...

Zig rig

by Angling Times |

When fishing zigs, there are two methods that you can adopt. The first is one of my favourite styles of fishing, and that’s to use two rods while spodding over the top. The reason I enjoy this style of fishing is that you can normally get a good hit of fish and it’s a very active, fun method.

Once I’ve discovered the correct depth, I’ll generally recast the zigs every hour because when spodding over the top, I always feel I should be getting quick bites. So, if I’m fully confident that I have the correct colour hookbait on, along with the correct height of the zig, the only reason for a recast would be if I felt that the zig had become tangled.

A big mirror carp fooled on a zig rig
A big mirror carp fooled on a zig rig

The other option for fishing zigs is single hookbaits and casting regularly to try to locate where the fish are. With both methods it’s not always about how often you recast. One of the biggest edges I’ve found is finding the correct colours that are working on the day. I’ve seen on numerous occasions you can have a good hit one day on, let’s say, 6ft yellow zigs, then the following day it could be 4ft red zigs doing the damage.

So, for single hookbait zig fishing, I’d be casting every 35-45 minutes trying to locate the fish. Just make sure that you’re changing the colour of your hookbaits and the depth you’re fishing them at until you find out what the fish want on the day.

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