The Jigga float

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It’s simple to set a Jigga rig up – the hard work comes in finding the depth the fish are feeding at and ensuring that the hookbait is lowered directly downwards through the water. It’s a great summer method for carp and F1s feeding shallow, and allows you to cover more depth of water.

I use thick 0.18mm line so that it can slide through the body of the Jigga float easily, letting the hookbait fall directly down. Around 2ft from the pole-tip I fix a float stop to the line, thread the float on and pop another stop in place around 12ins below this. Around four No8 shot are then bulked under this stop.

The plan is to set the two float stops apart at the depth you think the fish will be at. When the float hits the top stop, the bait will be at full depth. Once you lift the pole-tip slowly, the float will stay in the water, but the line will pass through, pulling the hookbait up in the water until it hits that bottom stop.

The Jigga rig
The Jigga rig

The Jigga rig

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