Top chub fishing tips to help you catch more

Chub are one of the best species to target on the rivers, especially when it’s cold. To help you land a specimen chub next time you’re out fishing on the bank, we’ve put this handy guide with great tips from top specimen angler Phil Spinks.

The real beauty of winter chub fishing is that it requires so little in the way of kit to be successful. 

Travelling light with just a rod, a landing net, bait and a few items of tackle is such an uncluttered and enjoyable way to catch fish.

By staying mobile and hopping from swim to swim, it’s possible to search out all the best spots where the fish might be holed up. 

To set you on the right path, this week we’ve picked the brains of specimen angler Phil Spinks. Here are the top spots he looks for when targeting chub. 

  • Floating detritus 

Rafts that build up against fallen trees or snags offer cover and free food to the chub.

  •  slack water 

The still area of water adjacent to the main flow is a classic hotspot. Being out of the flow, it is also easy to bait up.

  • Inlet 

Anywhere a small stream or ditch joins the main river will be a regular hangout for any chub looking for an easy meal. They are drawn to the sound, movement and extra oxygenation.

  •  overhanging tree 

Any trees or bushes hanging over the water are always worth a cast. Chub always love a roof over their heads.

  • undercut banks 

Undercuts can reach for several feet under the bank and are well worth exploring with a bait.

  •  Deep holes 

Depressions in the riverbed offer the fish shelter from the flow, and are also areas where natural food collects

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