Perch fishing tips | 7 tips to catch more perch

Perch fishing has grown massively in popularity over the past few years, to help you stay on trend and make the most from your perch fishing ventures we have put together seven top tips to help you catch more perch. Take a look at the tips below and see what you can implement on your next session.

1) This species will react to movement of the bait so if your fishing a static bait, keep twitching it because this will often induce a bite from a perch.

2) Attract silver fish and big perch will follow. Try introducing a few maggots or a couple of balls of groundbait before making your first cast. Perch love to investigate and the sight of feeding silverfish will peak their interest. 

3) Don’t use a rod that's too stiff in the tip. This species will shake their head under the rod tip. you will also want a tip that's very responsive as perch can be very finicky when it comes to bites. 

Dropshot main image.jpg

4) Perch have bony mouths so use a big, strong hooks because hook ‘pulls’ are often the main cause of lost fish and will shake their head while hooked. 


5) Drop shotting is a devastating tactic for catching big perch. This will often get you a bite when all other methods fail. It has become a very popular tactic in recent years and makes going out for a couple of hours very easy as you don't need much kit to be able to catch. 

dropshot 2.JPG

6) When fishing worms in coloured water try cutting two lobworms in half and hook four broken pieces. This gives you maximum attraction from the release of the baits juices.

Chopping worms.jpg

7) Try using flavourings and colourings to make any small deadbait stand out.