Tommy Pickering's 10-second rule

The vast majority of anglers who fish the pole have a small pot attached to the end of their top kit. They feed a small amount after every fish, as they should, but not always in the correct manner. This week I reveal my 10-second rule that will help you feed and get bites within seconds of your hookbait touching the bottom.

Ship the pole out and line it up with a far-bank marker. This will ensure that you fish to the same point every time and keep the feeding tight.

Once you have shipped out to the right distance, turn the pole cup over and drop the loosefeed into the water. At this point it doesn’t matter how or where the rig is sat. It’s getting that feed in quickly that matters.

With the loosefeed in the water, lift your rig so that it is directly over where you have just fed. Hold the whole pole float out of the water for 10 seconds. The hookbait then falls through the water with the loosefeed, making it harder for the fish to suss out which pellet has a hook in it.

Once you have counted to 10, gently lower the rest of the float into the water. Fish should swarm around your feed in an instant, and because the fall of your hookbait has looked extremely natural, it won’t be long before it is slurped up and the elastic starts to stream out.