Specimen Fishing tips | Keep pellets on your hair with this great trick!

Using small pellets which match your loosefeed is a great tactic for catching big barbel and chub on the rivers right now.


However, it can be a bit of a fiddly way of fishing – but not if you follow my advice! 

I’ve found the best way to keep small pellets on a hair rig is to attach them lasso-style with a grinner knot.

This method works for all but the smallest of pellets, and is a really easy and reliable way of ensuring that a pellet remains on a hair rig – there’s no need for drilling or using hair stops, and it is both quick and easy!

A pellet attached like this will stay on for a number of casts, and often you can recast the same pellet even after landing a fish.

In fact, I once caught five barbel on the same 12mm pellet!

1) Slip a pellet into a loop tied from 15lb Korum Micro Braid using a five-turn grinner knot.

Step 1.jpg

2) Tighten the loop so that it grips the pellet in place. Then trim off the tag end of the braid.

Step 2.jpg

3) Knotless-knot on a hook to match the size of the pellet. It should sit 2mm below the bend.

Step 3.jpg

4) Change the pellet by easing the pellet out of the loop, opened up with a fingernail or your forceps.

Step 4.jpg